Jira Product Discovery is currently in beta

Jira Product Discovery is part of our Point A program, where we take great ideas and turn them into new Atlassian products. While the product is in beta, everyone is subscribed to the free version. We’ll let you know of any pricing changes in advance.

Learn more about the beta.

Create custom fields

Fields represent granular sets of criteria or facets of an idea that can help you compare and prioritize ideas such as goals, effort level, business impact, etc. The project contains a set of predefined fields, but you can create as many new fields as possible.

Create a new custom field

  1. In any view, go to Fields.
    Now you can see the list of all the fields that are currently being used.

  2. Select + Add a field > Create a field.

  3. Give the field a unique name and select the field type. You can see the complete list reference here.

  4. Select Create.

  5. You can now add an emoji next to the field name in the main view and a description.

Formatting fields that allow options

Some fields allow you to add several options with colors and weighting for each option. Additionally, you can highlight rows and cards with those values.

To format these fields, you can edit or create a new field, and those that have this option available will have under the description the header Option followed by Add weighting.

  1. Click Add option.

  2. Add as many options as you wish. You can tag them with emojis and colors. You’ll see the changes in the view as you go. You can also drag and drop the sorted order of the field options.

  3. If you want to highlight rows and cards with the value of an option, click the toggle below the color selector.


You can quickly edit an existing field by clicking over the field and selecting Edit field.

Hide a field from a view

You prevent a field from showing up in a view by going to Fields, hovering over the field you want o hide, and clicking the eye icon.


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