Jira Product Discovery is currently in beta

Jira Product Discovery will soon graduate from beta to General Availability. While the product is in beta, everyone is subscribed to the free version. However, we're ready to share our pricing model with you.

Learn more about the pricing model

Learn more about the beta.

Create ideas from the Create blue button

You can create ideas from the Create button at the top navigation bar. Keep in mind that from this option, you can only specify two fields for ideas. It is recommended that you create ideas from the Create an idea button.

Before you begin

  • You need to have an active Jira Product Discovery license.

  • You need to have at least one project in Jira Product Discovery.

  • Remember that when you create an idea from Jira, it might not show up in your ideas list depending on your filter's configuration.


  1. To create an idea from Jira, select your Jira Product Discovery project.

  2. At the top navigation bar, select Create.

  3. Select the Jira Product Discovery project where you want to create the idea.

  4. Select Idea as issue type.

  5. Fill in the issue fields and select Create.


Additional Help