Configure the delivery progress field

With Jira Product Discovery, you can visually track the progress of the Jira Software issues associated with an idea in the delivery progress field. This field changes based on the status of the Jira Software issues related to an idea, and It has two possible configurations:

  • Default - The issue of children’s status is taken into account to calculate progress. However, there are a few rules you need to take into account:

    • Subtasks don’t count as children and are ignored.

    • Children are only direct children.

    • If the linked delivery issue has no children, it takes the status of the linked delivery issue itself. For example, if you have an epic In progress, and the epic has no children, the epic status is taken into account.

    • If the linked delivery issue is Done, it considers all children done.

    • If the delivery issue is not Done and has children, it takes into account the statuses of the children.

  • Simple - This option aggregates the statuses of all linked delivery tickets without considering the children.

Before you begin

  • Either one of these options will be applied to the entire Jira Product Discovery project.

  • Jira Product Discovery supports Advanced Roadmaps for Jira.


  1. Select an idea where you want to see the delivery progress and go to the Delivery tab.

  2. Click the delivery progress bar and select Configure delivery progress.

  3. Select one of the options, Default or Simple.

The progress calculation is done automatically. If you want to exclude one of the issues from the calculation, you have to hover over the issue and click the cross icon.

Additional Help