Labels are key words or tags that you can add to rules and use them to categorize, identify and bookmark your automation rules. For example, you could assign the label notifications to all notification-based rules. You can then view all rules with that label, or search based on the label.

Labels are common across all of automation – you can use the same label across both global and project rules.

Label a rule

Any user with permission to edit an automation rule can add labels to it.

To add a new label:

  1. On the Automation page, click Add label.

  2. Enter a name for your label, and choose a color.

Once a label has been added, drag and drop a rule on the label to apply it.

Remove labels

When viewing rule labels, an x appears alongside each label. Click the x to remove the label.

Filtering rules

Once you’ve categorized your automation rules, you can select a label to specify which rules are displayed in the list.

Learn more

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