Move from beta to a Jira Product Discovery plan

As a customer of the Jira Product Discovery beta, you can now move to a Free or a Standard plan within 60 days. After this time, you will lose the ability to open Jira Product Discovery projects. Bear in mind that we store your data for 90 days. Just upgrade to the Free or Standard plan within this timeframe and everything will work as before.

What are the differences between Jira Product Discovery Free and Standard?

  • In the Free plan, you can have up to 3 free creators and unlimited contributors.

  • In the Standard plan, you have unlimited creators and contributors:



Up to 3 free creators

>3 creators

Unlimited contributors*

Unlimited contributors

$0 per month

$10 per creator, per month**

*Contributors are free.

*Creators are charged USD$10 per month, with volume discounts – the more creators you have, the less you pay per creator.


Announcing Jira Product Discovery pricing

Transfer to a Free or Standard plan

Before you begin


1. Create the Contributor group

Once you create this group, anyone with an Atlassian account added to the site user list who is also added to the group can be a contributor to Jira Product Discovery projects for free.


  1. Select a project and go to Project Settings > Access.

  2. At the top and inside the blue banner, click Learn more about product access, and under Contributor, click contributors group. This link takes you to a Jira admin page where you can enable the Contributor group.

2. Add users to the new contributor group

Before you can add new contributors to the Jira Product Discovery group, you have to add them to the contributor group in the Jira site user management menu. Once the new contributor group is created you can add users to this group.

Before you begin

If you skip this step, only users with product access (a license) to another Jira product such as Jira Software, Jira Work Management, or Jira Service Management can be Contributors to JPD projects.


  1. In the Jira navigation bar at the top, select > User Management.

  2. Select a user and click Add to groups > find the group name contributor and click Add to group.

  3. Go back to Jira Product Discovery > Access and click Add users to project.

  4. Find the user and assign the contributor role.

3. Verify your teams' product access

In this step, you have to verify that the project access is set correctly and define who gets a license to access Jira Product Discovery.


  1. Select a Jira Product Discovery project > Project settings > Access.

  2. Check out this video on how to check a user's product access (6 min).

  3. Once you’ve set up your configuration check this video about testing your setup by enforcing product access checks (1min)

4. Upgrade to the Free or Standard plan

Before you begin

  • You must complete steps 1 to 3 first.


  1. Checking who has access to Jira Product Discovery is important because those who have access will count toward the number of licenses used. Go to the Jira top nav bar > User Management and use the filters to check who has access to Jira Product Discovery.

  2. Go to Billing and next to Jira Product Discovery, click Manage.

  3. Click to change the plan and select the one you want.

  4. You’re done! Congratulations.

When you upgrade to a Standard plan, we start you on a 14-day Standard trial, so you only need to pay once the trial ends.

Atlassian is rolling out a new billing engine. If you already have other product subscriptions but you’re asked to supply address and payment details again, don’t worry. This means you’ll have products managed across two billing systems until the transition to the new billing engine is complete.

Allow contributors to create ideas for each project (optional)

In the free and standard editions of Jira Product Discovery, by default contributors cannot create ideas in discovery projects. This feature can however be turned on manually in a discovery project. After you do that, contributors will be able to create ideas in the project but not edit them - think about it as "suggesting an idea via a form":

Video instructions: allow contributors to create ideas in a discovery project (3min)

Additional Help