Manage users and user tiers

Atlassian product pricing is based on the number of users who can access the product, and the product plan (Free, Standard, Premium, or Enterprise). The site admin manages users for the site’s products.

For monthly subscriptions, we offer per-user pricing. Once users are added, they are automatically counted towards billing even if they don't accept your invite or log in.

Annual subscriptions are based on distinct user tiers.

If you are on a monthly subscription, we will charge you for the number of users tied to each site, each month.

For a cloud site paid annually, you will need a prorated upgrade quote. To get a quote, review the pricing for your user tier on our cloud calculator, and contact us. To learn more about annual pricing, see Atlassian Purchasing and Licensing FAQ.

To see the number of billable users for each cloud product

  1. Go to your site’s Administration at

  2. From Subscriptions and billing, select Manage subscriptions.

  3. Under each cloud product, you’ll see the number of billable users or user tier.

Free plans are available for up to 10 users (three agents for Jira Service Management). Adding more users will automatically change your free plan to a Standard plan on trial.

During the trial period, you can add your payment details to continue with Standard plan. To move back to a free plan, remove product access from users until you’re down to 10 and then change the plan.

You won't be able to move back to a free plan once your trial period ends. Your plan will change to Standard on a monthly subscription.

To learn how to change product plans, see Manage your bill for Standard and Premium.

Add users to a cloud site

  1. From your site’s Administration at, go to Manage subscriptions.

  2. Select Manage users on the cloud product.

  3. On the Users page, select Invite users.

  4. Enter the Email address you want the user to log in with (you can enter more than one at a time or a string of them using a space or comma).

Additional users are automatically counted towards billing even if they don't accept your invite or log in. To learn more about how to invite users, see Invite a user.

For a user to not count towards billing, a site admin should delete or remove the user from any synced user directory. To remove a user from a cloud site, see Remove or suspend a user.

Products with an Enterprise plan are billed at the organization level, which means you won’t find them in your site bill as you will for Standard and Premium plans. To learn how we bill for Enterprise products, see Manage your bill for Enterprise products.

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