Understand billing accounts

What is a billing account?

A billing account is the structure we use to group and organize all billing transaction-related activities with Atlassian. Billing accounts have a unique ID (AC-####-####-####), and a billing address. Each billing account can have one or many billing admins.

Billing accounts are only available for product subscriptions managed on our new billing experience. If your product subscription is managed on the original experience, you’ll be invoiced based on your site(s).

How are subscriptions linked to billing accounts?

As a billing admin, when you buy a cloud product supported by the new billing experience, that subscription is added to your existing billing account.

If you create new sites on behalf of a client or third party, they will all be added to the same account. If you want to avoid this, ask your client to set up the site, then add you as a site admin and billing admin.

How should you structure billing accounts?

Billing accounts give you the flexibility to manage your bills in a way that suits your organization’s ways of working.

Most organizations only need one billing account.

However, if you have different billing addresses for different subscriptions, or you want to give different billing admins access to different subscriptions, you may want multiple accounts.

Move a subscription to another billing account

If you want to move a subscription to a different billing account, contact our team.

If you’re not a billing admin on both accounts, on the request we’ll ask you to include the billing admin from the account to which you are transferring the subscription.


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