Manage tax information

We’re rolling out a new Atlassian billing engine that affects the content on this page. If the information here doesn’t match what’s in your account, see our updated instructions for billing and subscription management.

When you buy an Atlassian product, taxes are applied to your order based on your technical contact’s address (if you’re in the United States, sales tax is applied to your order based on your billing contact’s address). For instance, customers based in the United States may be charged US Sales Tax, those in the European Union, South Korea, Taiwan, and some other countries may be charged VAT, CT, or GST, while those based in Canada may be charged PST, GST, QST, or HST.

Atlassian doesn’t apply taxes to purchases made by customers or entities who provide valid tax exemption documentation or in countries where users can provide a valid tax exemption document.

Update your tax ID

To update your VAT, PAN, CIN, PST, QST, GST ID, or registration number

  1. Visit your Atlassian account profile page.

  2. Enter your VAT number, PAN, CIN, PST, QST, or GST registration number in the Tax ID section of Organization information.

  3. Select Save.

Important to note that:

  1. Only the primary technical contact listed on your account can update your Tax ID. If you have an invoice, you can request the technical contact listed on that invoice to make the update.

  2. This doesn't apply to JCT or customers located in Russia, Malaysia, South Africa, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland (customer-specific exemptions are provided to certain international organizations in Switzerland).

If you’re unable to update your Tax ID, please make sure you’re using the correct format.

For instance, if you’re in Canada, the correct format for your Canadian GST would be the nine digits of your Tax ID + RP0001 (123456789RT0001). This format also applies to any Tax ID information that you’re updating for your Trello subscription.

You'll see the Tax ID field labeled differently based on your province if you're in Canada.

  1. Users with addresses in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Quebec will see two fields. One field for GST/HST and the other for QST/PST.

  2. Users with addresses in other provinces will see only one field labeled GST/HST.

If you’re in an EU member country, you can refer to the EU VAT number format to ensure that you’ve used the correct format.

Get a sales tax refund

Sales tax is generally applied to all taxable orders where valid exemption documentation hasn’t been provided to Atlassian.

When applying for a sales tax refund, if:

  1. you’re in the United States, tax exemption is linked to your organization’s billing contact. If your organization has more than one billing contact, they may not be tax-exempt in Atlassian’s internal systems. You'll have to raise a separate request to link a billing contact to your organization's tax-exemption status.

  2. you’re in any other country, tax exemption is linked to your organization’s technical contact.

If sales tax was applied to your order, but you can provide valid exemption documentation covering the purchase period, you can get a refund on the sales tax portion of your payment.

To get a refund

  • For cloud monthly subscriptions: contact us within the first paid month (after your trial ends).

  • For cloud annual subscriptions: contact us within 30 days of payment.

  • Post 30 days of payment: contact your local state tax authority or amend your sales tax return to get a refund from your local revenue authorities.

We’re unable to provide tax refunds outside of our 30-day refund policy. This also applies to cases where your local tax authority is unable to amend your sales tax return.

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