Prepare your contacts ahead of billing migration

We’re in the process of migrating cloud sites to our new cloud billing engine and experience. The new cloud billing engine will combine every billing and subscription management activity for Atlassian cloud products into one place, making billing and subscription management easier than ever before. 

If your sites are scheduled for migration, you’ll get an email from us at least 30 days before the migration to guide you through the process.

How are billing and technical contacts migrated?

When we migrate a site from the old billing system to the new, we create a different billing account for each unique set of billing and technical contacts. Sites with different billing and technical contacts won’t be manageable under a single billing account – each combination of contacts will be migrated to a unique billing account.

All existing technical and billing contacts become billing administrators, with equal roles and permissions.

Before your migration, we strongly recommend you review and organize your contacts to align with the new account structure, so the right people are associated with the right billing accounts and subscriptions.

After you’re migrated, you won’t be able to move contacts between billing accounts without help from Atlassian support. We’re working on expanding self-serve functionality over time.

Review and organize your contacts

To review your contacts:

  1. Go to

  2. For each site, review the billing and technical contacts and confirm they’re active and accurate.

  3. Remove any inactive contacts no longer associated with your sites or your account.

  4. Add any missing contacts to any sites.

Need help?

If you need more help, contact our team. You can also review our billing FAQs

Still need help?

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