Manage recently used devices for your Atlassian account

The recent devices list in your Atlassian account profile lets you view and manage the devices that you've used to log in to your Atlassian cloud products and services.

If one of your devices has been lost or stolen, or you notice suspicious activity, view your recent devices list to log out of any or all of your devices.

View your recent devices

  1. Go to your Atlassian account security settings at

  2. Select View and manage recent devices.

The recent devices list shows the devices that you've recently logged in from, using your Atlassian account. For each device, you’ll see:



Operating system


Browser and browser version

Chrome 65.0

IP address

Last time the device was active

3 days ago

Some things to remember when viewing your recent devices:

  • If you've logged in from multiple browsers on the same device, you'll see a listing for each of those.

  • If you've logged into multiple Atlassian apps from the same device (for example, the Jira mobile app), you'll see a listing for each of those.

  • Non-interactive logins (for example, calls using API tokens) will not be displayed in your recent devices list.

Manage your recent devices

If you need to, you can log out of one or all of your devices.

Log out of one device

  • Click Log out for the individual device that you want to log out of.

Log out of all devices

  • Click Log out of all devices at the bottom of your recent devices list. This will log you out of all devices apart from the one that you're currently using.

  • If you'd also like to log out of the device that you're on, choose Log out from the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Additional Help