Login issues related to two-step verification

This document describes problems you might encounter when using two-step verification to log in to your Atlassian account.

Your Atlassian account won't accept your verification code, but you know you're using the right code

  • Make sure you're not entering a space 
    Some authentication apps display the verification code in two segments, for example: 111 000. However, you generally want to enter your code as a single string: 111000.

  • Make sure you're looking at the code for the correct account 
    Many apps allow you to add several accounts and codes in the same app and some display in the same area. Verify you're looking at the correct verification app and the correct code for your Atlassian account.

  • Make sure your phone has the correct time 
    Verification codes may not work if the time for your app and phone are different. If necessary, reset your phone's clock and then try to access your account again.

If you've tried everything in this list, log in with your emergency recovery key. 

You've replaced your phone, or want to start using a different authentication app

Disable two-step verification, then enable two-step verification again on your new phone or authentication app.

Your emergency recovery key doesn't work or you've lost it

Your recovery key may not work if it’s already been used before, you didn’t save it when you enabled two-step verification, or you no longer have access to the device you enrolled with.

  • Make sure it's not an old emergency recovery key. You may have already used that one previously and have your newest one saved elsewhere.

  • If you have a managed account, speak to your organization administrator.  

  • If you don’t have a managed account:

    1. On the recovery code screen, select Can't find your recovery key?

    2. Select Send recovery email. We’ll send you an email with more information with the subject line Steps to recover your Atlassian account. Note: This email does not contain the one-time link described in the next step.

    3. After 24 hours we’ll send you a second email with a one-time link that lets you access your account and directs you to the two-step verification settings page. Make sure you are available to check your inbox 24 hours after the first email is sent as the link in the second email will expire if not used in time.

    4. Follow the instructions in the email to disable two-step verification or enrol a new device.


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