Switch between multiple Atlassian accounts

You can be logged in to up to 10 Atlassian accounts at the same time. Account settings and subscriptions aren't shared between accounts, and you can configure separate settings for each of your accounts. For example, your accounts might have different subscriptions, language settings, or time zones.

Switch between accounts

When using Trello or Bitbucket, you can switch accounts by clicking on your profile picture at the right of the navigation, then select either Switch accounts or Switch account. We’ll show you the account switcher which will allow you to select another account to use.

Switch between accounts using Trello and Bitbucket’s navigation menus

For all of our other products except Opsgenie and Statuspage, you can access the account switcher when you're logging out of an account.

To switch accounts when logging out:

  1. Select your profile picture at the right of the navigation.

  2. Select Log out.

  3. Select Log in to another account.

  4. Choose which account you want to continue with.

When you try to access content with an account that doesn’t have appropriate access, we’ll also show you the account switcher so you can switch to an Atlassian account with the required access for that content.

If you’re already logged in to another account with appropriate access, you’ll see it at the top of the account switcher. Selecting this account will allow you to access the content. You can also choose to continue with any of the other accounts listed below, however not all of them may have access to the content.

Switch to an account with appropriate access using the account switcher

Add an account to the account switcher

You can add and log in to a different Atlassian account to the account switcher if you don’t already see it.

To add a new account to the account switcher:

  1. Select Add another account

  2. Complete the login process and we'll redirect you to the content you want to access.

If you already have 10 Atlassian accounts listed on the account switcher, you’ll need to remove an account before you can add a new one.

Remove an account from the account switcher

To remove an account from the account switcher, click Remove accounts from this browser, and then select the account you wish to remove.

Once you remove an account, it won’t appear in the account switcher list. You can always add an account back to the list when you’re ready to use it.

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