Manage linked third-party accounts

Once you log in with a third-party account, it will be linked to your Atlassian account. This simply means that logging in with these third-party credentials has been enabled on your Atlassian account. Atlassian will not access any unrelated data from your third-party account.

To unlink third-party accounts from your Atlassian account, you need to change your email address. It should be noted that this action will unlink all third-party accounts, not just one account. It is not currently possible to unlink only one selected account while keeping others linked.

To unlink third-party accounts from your Atlassian account:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Email.

  3. Enter a new email address and select Save changes.

  4. Check your inbox on your new email address. Open the email from Atlassian titled Verify your email address.

  5. Select Verify your email.

  6. You'll be taken back to the Atlassian site to log in to your account. Enter your password and select Confirm.

All third-party accounts will now be unlinked from your Atlassian account. If you wish to link them again, you’ll need to log in with your selected third-party accounts at

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