Login issues related to identity verification

We may need you to verify your identity before you can access Atlassian products. If the organization’s admin decides to add this layer of security, we’ll send you an email that contains a verification code. Enter the code to proceed to your Atlassian product.

You haven’t received an email with the verification code

Try doing the following:

  • Check your spam/junk folder for an email with the subject line: Verify your identity.

  • Resend the code using the link Didn’t get the code? Resend it.

  • Check that your company isn’t blocking emails.

  • Check that your email address is set up, that your inbox isn't full, and that the mail server is not down or experiencing issues.

Your verification code isn’t working, but you know you're using the right code

Make sure:

  • You're not entering any spaces between the six digits

  • You're looking at the code in the correct email

  • Your code hasn’t expired

  • Your device has the correct time

Additional Help