Manage your team profile

Your team profile allows you to give your team an identity and your team members a shared context. It's where you can describe the team's purpose, goals, and add a team photo.

  • Give your team a name and description to tell everyone what you’re about

  • Give your team a cover photo to add some personality

  • Manage team members to be clear about who’s on the team

  • Enable or disable team membership controls

  • Stay up to date on what the team is working on

  • Organize and share your team’s work by adding Team links

Team profiles can be seen by other people in your organization, so everyone can find you and understand what your team is working on.

Manage your team’s information

Organization admins and any member of the team can manage the team’s profile information. You can edit the team name and description fields on your team profile by clicking on them.

Team links allow you to connect your team to resources. Link to the team's Confluence space, their dashboards or analytics, their onboarding documentation, or their current project poster. Both team members and people who are not members can access these links.

Organization admins and team members can add, edit, or remove a team link. Team links can be arranged in the order you choose, so your most important links stay at the top.

Additional Help