Password reset issues

Troubleshoot why you haven’t received a password reset email or its links don’t work.

You haven’t received a password reset email within 10 minutes

After you request to reset your password, we’ll send you an email with a recovery link with the subject line Reset your Atlassian password


  1. Check that you’ve entered your email address correctly and that it’s for an existing Atlassian account. Contact your organization’s admin if you’re unsure of what email address to use.

  2. Check your spam folder for an email from

  3. Try using the Resend recovery link button.

  4. Contact your email administrator to check that emails from are not being blocked.

If you have a managed account – for example, if your organization uses Google or Microsoft to help you log in – you may not be able to use our password reset link. You’ll need to reset the account password for your single sign-on provider (for example, Google or Microsoft etc) instead or contact your organization admin if you’re still having trouble logging in.

If the Reset my password link doesn’t open when you select it, this could be caused by your email client blocking links.


Open your email provider inside a web browser – like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox – then open the reset password email and select the link.

You could also copy the link from the email and then paste it into a browser window to complete the verification.


Additional Help