Create and manage an Atlassian team

Go to the Teams dropdown in the navigation and select Create team. You can also select Create team from the people directory page, which you can find by selecting Search people and teams in the Teams dropdown.

Choose a name for your team and invite other Atlassian users to become part of your team. Once your team has been created, organization admins and team members will have the same permissions as you do. They can:

  • Change header image

  • Accept/Decline membership request

  • Add members

  • Remove members

  • Edit team name

  • Edit team settings

  • Edit team description

  • Add links

  • Delete team

Unlike organization admins, site admins don’t have these same permissions and must become a member of a team before they can make any changes. Site admins will still need to join a team before they can add or remove members.

Understanding membership controls

When teams were first released, anyone within the organization could join a team after it’s been created. New teams now require an invite or approval to join, meaning people can only join by requesting to join or getting an invite from an existing member. Existing teams will remain open for anyone to join.

To change membership controls for an existing team:

  1. From the team profile page, select the menu icon next to Add people.

  2. Select Team settings.

  3. Select or clear the checkbox under Membership controls.

    1. Selecting the box will enable anyone to join the team without needing an invite or approval.

    2. Clearing the box means people will need to request approval or get an invite from an existing member.

Create a new team on behalf of others

Users who create a new team have the option to remove themselves as a member. Previously, any user who creates a new team becomes a member by default.
To create a new team and remove yourself as a member:

  1. Select Teams from the top menu.

  2. Select Create team.

  3. Under Invite people to your team, select X beside your name.

Note that there must be at least one person listed as a member before a team can be created.

Add or remove members of a team

Organization admins and team members have the same permissions, so they can invite new team members or remove existing team members.

When you add someone to the team they will see the team profile page, but they will only see recent work that has been shared with them or that they have collaborated on.

Note: You can only add members of your organization to your team.
What is an Atlassian organization?

Share content with a team, or @mention a team to notify them

Once you have created your team, you can share content with team members, or @mention the team on pages or issues to notify everyone in the team.

To share with a team, click the Share button in the top navigation of Confluence, or the share icon on a Jira issue and enter the team’s name. Members of the team will be notified by email or through their in-app notifications.

You can also @mention your team's name on a page or issue to notify everyone in the team. When using autocomplete to find the team name, the suggestions may include teams whose profile description contains the word or phrase entered.

Delete a team

Once you've deleted a team:

  • All items in the team profile page will be removed, including the:

    • team name

    • description

    • members

    • header image.

  • All members will lose access to the team.

  • You can't share to the team or mention the team.

  • The team will not appear in search results across Atlassian products.

To delete a team:

  1. From the team profile page, select the menu icon next to Add people.

  2. Select Delete team.



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