Go to your people directory using <sitename>.atlassian.net/people, and use the Start a team button to get started with a team.

This creates a team with the name you provide—you become the founding member.

Any Atlassian account holder can be a member of a team. All team members have the same permission set—you can manage the team’s profile information and manage members of the team.

Manage members of a team

Any member of a team can remove team members or invite others who already have an Atlassian account. The invitee doesn’t need to be a user on the site, however, being part of a team doesn’t grant the invitee access to products or content. Members can see the team, but access to content is still evaluated for each user.

When an inviter/invitee shares an email domain, the invite is automatically accepted. This makes the user immediately appear as a full member.

Inviting someone to your team does not automatically give them a product license or access to content that may be restricted.

Delete a team

You can delete a team through the meatball menu on the team profile page.