Create an Atlassian account

You can create an Atlassian account yourself. Just go to and complete the process. We'll email you asking that you verify your email address.

If you don't see the verification email, check your spam folder for an email from or If you still don't see the verification email, return to the login screen to resend the email.

Managed account

You'll know your Atlassian account is managed if a message appears on your Profile and visibility page letting you know your admin now manages your account.

Banner on a profile page notifying the user that an admin now mangages their account

To confirm your account is managed:
Your admin manages your Atlassian account and your access to Atlassian products. Your admin initiates managing your account by verifying that your organization is associated with your account's email address. You'll need to contact your admin to change your account email address, and in some cases, your password and account details.

  1. Select your Profile image > Profile from the menu

  2. Select Manage your account

  3. Select Email to confirm your account is managed

To find the name of your organization:

  1. Select your Profile image > Profile from the menu

  2. Select Manage your account

  3. Find the name of your organization

On the profile and visibility page, if you see the name of an organization that you're not a member of, contact Atlassian to resolve the issue. We can put you in touch with the right admin, and make sure that they are aware of your account.

If your account is managed by your company, there may be some restrictions on the details you can update in your account.

Unmanaged account

If you manage your Atlassian account yourself (that is, the account is not managed by your company), you can update the details of your account yourself.


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