Atlassian Access provides centralized control of user security across all your Atlassian cloud products. Read more about Atlassian Access security policies and features.

How to unsubscribe

When you unsubscribe from Atlassian Access:

  • There is no effect on your Atlassian cloud product subscriptions, which continue as previously. For information about cancelling your product subscriptions, see Cancel your site subscription.
  • There are likely to be changes to how your users log in to the Atlassian cloud products they use. See below for details.
  • If you resubscribe in the future, the price may be different from what you are paying today.

As an organization admin, you can unsubscribe from an Atlassian Access trial or paid subscription as follows:

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    From your organization at,

    elect Billing > Atlassian AccessManage Subscriptions.
  2. From the Atlassian Access card, choose Unsubscribe from the drop down.
    Screenshot of Atlassian access card in Manage subscriptions with the drop down menu displaying unsubscribe
  3. From the screen that appears, confirm you want to unsubscribe by entering UNSUBSCRIBE in the text box.

Changes that your users will notice

Your users will immediately see the following changes if you unsubscribe from Atlassian Access:

SAML single sign-on

If you have SAML single sign-on configured when you unsubscribe from Atlassian Access, your users will no longer be able to use SAML single sign-on when they log in:

  • Users who had an Atlassian account prior to when they were required to log in with SAML single sign-on will simply revert to using their Atlassian account password to log in.
  • Users who have only ever used SAML single sign-on to log in will need to set an Atlassian account password. They are not told that they need to set a password when trying to log in. However, after a failed login attempt, an alert will prompt them to consider resetting their password if experiencing login issues.

Note that users do not get an email to tell them that your organization has stopped using SAML single sign-on.

Read more about SAML single sign-on with Atlassian Access.

Enforced two-step verification

If you have two-step verification configured when you unsubscribe from Atlassian Access:

  • Two-step verification remains enabled for your managed users, but those users will be able to disable two-step verification (should they wish to) by going to their Atlassian account settings at
  • Any new accounts added to your organization will not be required to enable two-step verification.

Read more about enforced two-step verification with Atlassian Access.