Authenticate with Google

If you're a Google Apps (now called 'G Suite') user, you can authenticate using your Google credentials.

Google Auth for team members (admins)

Note: you need to be logged into Google already in order to enable this setting.

1. Click your avatar in the bottom left corner of Statuspage.
2. Click User management from the menu.
3. Click the Single sign-on tab.
4. Select the box to require admin team members to authenticate via Google login.
5. Click Save Google login preferences.

Now any existing team members will authenticate through Google when they log in.

Google Auth for page viewers

Note: your page needs to be on a "Private" subscription in order to configure page viewer authentication.

1. Navigate to Your page from the left sidebar.
2. Click Authentication from the secondary menu that opens.
3. Click Configure next to Google Auth.

Enter the domain of your G Suite account (you can enter multiple domains separated by commas) and save your settings.

Now anyone who visits the page will be required to authenticate using Google credentials associated with the domain(s) you entered.

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