Link domains to a different directory

Multiple identity providers are only available through an early access program. If you’re not participating in the program, you can still connect to one identity provider.

If you subscribe to an Enterprise plan, you can use multiple identity providers starting June 30, 2022.

Linking a domain to a different directory allows you to specify which directory manages your user identities. When you delete user provisioning via SCIM or delete a single sign-on SAML configuration, you may need to link domains to a different directory.

After you link the domain to a directory, we sync the new user accounts from your identity provider and add them to the default authentication policy of the directory.

To link domains to a different directory:

  1. Go to Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Security > Identity providers.

  3. Select the Directory you’d like to view.

  4. Select View domains.

  5. Select Link to a different directory.

  6. Choose a new directory for the domain.

    1. A local directory. You can’t enforce single sign-on and can only set password requirements and idle session duration in an authentication policy.

    2. An identity provider directory. You can enforce single sign-on in an authentication policy.

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