G Suite connection troubleshooting

This page covers troubleshooting issues related to your Google Workspace connection.


How to troubleshoot

Your users aren’t syncing.

Check your permissions:

Make sure you’re an admin on your Google Workspace account and have the following required admin permissions:

Domain management example

Make sure you’re granting all the permissions when connecting Google Workspace. Syncing won't work if any of the permissions are missed:

Confirm your permission choices

After syncing, the email address of a user’s Atlassian account changes.

Because your users must log in with Google and can’t use an email alias, Google Workspace will look at any email aliases (secondary email) associated with the account in Google Workspace and update the user's Atlassian account to use this primary email address instead.

The email address of a user’s Atlassian account has +atlassian_conflict attached to it.

Before syncing, the email address of a Google account already linked to an Atlassian account was updated when there’s already another Atlassian account with that email address. To keep both accounts accessible, we change the email address of the non-linked Atlassian account, similar to <username>+atlassian_conflict@example.com.

Your users can still log in to both accounts:

  • For the Google-linked Atlassian account, they can click Log in with Google.

  • For the account associated with the alias, they can click Can’t log in? from the Atlassian account login screen. We'll send them an email with a magic link that lets you log in to your account instantly.

The full name in a user’s Atlassian account isn’t synced with the full name in the Google profile.

When you connect Google Workspace, Google's Directory API and the data there, including a user's full name. This data can only be updated by Google Workspace admins.

However, Google allows Google Workspace admins to give users the ability to edit their profile (see Google documentation). If the user edits their name from their Google profile, that data isn’t available on the Directory API or the Atlassian Google Workspace integration.

We recommend not allowing users to edit their name (see Google documentation) to avoid confusion.


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