Manage Google Workspace user syncing

You can now find Google Workspace in the same place you manage any identity provider. To find it, go to Security > Identity providers. Learn more about identity providers


After you set up and sync your Google Workspace account, you can monitor your sync settings.

Monitor sync status

Once you start syncing Google Workspace, you're taken to a status page to view the progress of your sync. Depending on the number of users to sync, syncing may take a while. You’ll be alerted once the sync is complete from Google Workspace to your Atlassian organization.

Once a sync is in progress, you can’t stop it. When the sync is complete, you can turn it off or disconnect the Google Workspace account from the Atlassian organization.

Sync complete

When the sync is complete, users and their details appear in Status. You can view the status of when a sync is in progress and when a sync is complete. Your saved settings will also show up. Here’s an example breakdown of a Status and Settings page.

Status of sync and sync settings
  1. Number of users, groups, and domains synced from Google Workspace

  2. Sync settings for Google Workspace users of this organization

  3. List of group names synced from Google Workspace

  4. Status for when a sync is enabled or disabled or in progress

  5. Time of the last sync and projected time for the next sync (sync is every 4 hours)

  6. Apply edited settings and sync right away

Manually sync users

We’ll automatically sync your Google Workspace users every 4 hours, but you can manually sync at any time.

To manually sync your Google Workspace users:

  1. Navigate to Google Workspace directory at

  2. Select Sync now.

Disable sync

When you disable sync, you can still change your Google Workspace settings. Users won’t sync while sync is disabled, and we’ll maintain product access and Google authentication settings for previously synced users.

To disable sync:

  1. Navigate to Google Workspace directory at

  2. Select Edit on the Google Workspace settings page.

  3. Select Disable syncing.

  4. Save your settings.

Update selected groups that sync

If you specified groups to sync, we’ll continue to sync new and existing users from those groups.

To add or remove your selected groups:

  1. Go to Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Navigate to Security > Identity providers, and select your Google Workspace directory.

  3. Click Edit under Settings, and then update selected groups.


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