Edit Google Workspace settings and users

We’re currently rolling out changes that affect the content on this page. From your organization at admin.atlassian.com, if the Users list and Groups list are under the Directory tab, you have the improved user management experience. We’ll note changes for the improved experience in the content below.

A diagram of an new admin.atlassian.com view that shows a new Directory tab instead of Users and Groups


You can now find Google Workspace in the same place you manage any identity provider. To find it, go to under Security > Identity providers. Learn more about identity providers

Edit Google Workspace sync settings

You can edit any of the Google Workspace settings available to you after your first sync. Settings apply to Google Workspace users when they sync to your organization.

When you edit settings, you can:

  • Enable or disable a sync

  • Add or remove users

  • Add a personal message for new users

  • Choose user login requirements

When you save edits to your sync settings, they come into effect during the next scheduled sync. If you want your edited settings to take effect sooner, select Sync now.

To edit settings and sync right away:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Security > Identity Provider.
    This step is different if you have the improved user management experience. Select Settings > Google Workspace.

  3. Select Directory name.

  4. Edit settings and make your changes.

  5. Select Save settings.

  6. Select Sync now on the Status page.

Create new users

Note this difference if you have the improved user management experience: any references to “organization’s site(s)” in this section are now “organization”.

When you create new users from Google Workspace, they'll sync to your organization's site(s). These new users will get access to products new users get by default, specified by the New users have access to this product toggle in the product access settings.

When you create new users from Google Workspace, we do not automatically give them access to products. To grant new users product access find them in and them to a product of your choice:

  1. All users from Google Workspace group

  2. Specific groups and users

For more details, see Give users access to products.

Manage non-Google Workspace users

Note this difference if you have the improved user management experience: any references to “site” in this section are now “organization”.

You can still manage non-Google Workspace users from a site. For example, you might create non-Google Workspace accounts for external contractors or allow users to sign up to your products themselves. These users will be added as external users and won't be part of the sync (every 4 hours). They'll still count toward your product plan, just like Google Workspace users, and may increase your bill.

Update user details

When you make updates to users' Google accounts from your Google Workspace, we'll sync those updates every 4 hours. Updates to your user password policy and password resets in Google Workspace will also sync. For more details, refer to the Google documentation.

If you sync users from specific groups, add new users to those groups. Otherwise, updates to those users won't sync.

Remove user access

To prevent a Google Workspace user from accessing your products, you have a few options:

  • If you're syncing all users, remove the user from any groups that give them product access.

  • If you're syncing users from specific groups, you can remove the user from the specific group you want to sync. When the next sync runs, the user will no longer have access to your products.

If you subscribe to Atlassian Access, you can remove a user from any Google Workspace group.


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