What are linked domains?

We automatically link domains to the local directory. We add user accounts from a linked domain to the default authentication policy of the directory. When you’re ready you can add users from the local directory to an identity provider directory.

You can link multiple domains to one directory and move linked domains from one directory to another. Learn more about authentication policies and directories

You only link a domain to an identity provider directory when you need to:

  1. Determine which identity provider updates a user’s account information

  2. Direct users to log in through SAML from an identity provider when you provision them with Just-In-Time

Learn more about provisioning users with Just-In-Time

Benefits of linking domains to an identity provider

When you have more than one identity provider, linking domains to a directory helps you to determine which identity provider updates a user’s account information.

Link domains to manage users in a specific identity provider directory

When you provision users with Just-In-Time, linking domains to a directory ensures users log in with the SAML you configured for the directory.


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