Manage sync settings

After you’ve set up user syncing, you can monitor your sync status and edit settings.

When a sync is in progress, you’re unable to stop the sync. When the sync is completed, you can disable the sync or disconnect your Microsoft account from the Atlassian organization.

To view the status of user syncing:

  1. Go to Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Security > Identity providers.

  3. Select your identity provider directory.

Available Status settings:

Monitor sync settings
  1. Status: Sync enabled, Sync in progress, or Sync disabled.

  2. Last and next sync: Dates and time for last and next Sync.

  3. Synced users, groups, and domains: This shows information about the last Sync, which we update when the Sync is complete.

Edit sync settings

You can edit the settings anytime, even when a sync is in progress, but your changes apply only to the next sync.

To edit the sync settings:

  1. Select Edit below the sync status.

  2. Edit the settings you want to change. Learn more about how to Set up sync settings

Manually start a sync

You can manually start a sync when the Sync is not in progress.
To start Sync, select Sync now.

Disable automatic syncing

When you want to sync groups and users manually, you can disable automatic syncing. When you need to sync again, you can manually start a sync.

To disable automatic syncing:

  1. Select Edit

  2. Set the sync status to Disable automatic syncing.

  3. Select Save settings.

Resolve group conflicts before you sync

When you set up user provisioning, you may run into a situation where your Atlassian organization’s groups have the same names as groups in your identity provider.

When you sync, we warn you about duplicate group names between your identity provider and your Atlassian organization. You can accept or reject changes to group members before you sync those groups. Learn about how to resolve group conflicts when syncing users


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