Why connect identity providers?

You can connect an identity provider and configure single sign-on for your portal-only customers (Jira Service Management) when you subscribe to Atlassian Access (soon to be Atlassian Guard Standard). Read more about connecting an identity provider to customers.

Companies use identity providers to manage digital user identities, provide authentication services, and provision users to Atlassian products.

When you connect an identity provider, you're able to sync and authenticate users to an Atlassian organization. The flexibility of connecting multiple identity providers to an organization allows you to securely and easily support a variety of business and information requirements:

  • Data residency requirements. Isolate user groups into different identity providers to meet regulatory compliance and regional data residency laws

  • Company acquisitions. Consolidate and test when migrating users from one identity provider to another due to company acquisitions

  • Separate and distinct business units. Store users in different identity providers to meet business requirements. Keep divisions in place to retain information barriers

Connecting an identity provider to your Atlassian organization makes it possible to automate user provisioning, manage your user lifecycle efficiently, and enforce single sign-on for user login.

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