Require users to log in with Google

Once you've connected your organization to Google Workspace, your users can log in to Atlassian products with their Google account. If a user logs out of Atlassian products while still logged in to Google, they can return without entering their password.

Users can only use their primary email address to log in, not an email alias. If a user tries to log in with an email alias, you can update their primary email address to the alias. As an admin who wants to update your primary email address, contact Atlassian support.

We strongly recommend enabling Google Workspace's 2-step verification to help mitigate security issues that could arise through Google Workspace. See the Google Workspace documentation for how to allow or require your users to log in with 2-two verification.

Even though users will start using their G Suite password to log in, they may still need their Atlassian account password on occasion. This table shows the difference between the two passwords:

G Suite password

Atlassian account password

  • Used to access Atlassian products

  • Reset from Google

  • May have a password policy set via G Suite administration

  • Used to access organization or site admin functions, e.g. RSS feeds, REST API access, and WebDAV uploads

  • Reset by selecting Can’t log in? from the login screen

  • Has a password policy set by Atlassian that can't be changed

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