Start and manage an Atlassian team

Go to the People dropdown in the navigation and select Start a team. You can also select Start a team from the people directory page, which you can find by selecting Search people and teams in the People dropdown.

Choose a name for your team and invite other Atlassian users to become part of your team. Once someone is added to the team, they will have the same permissions as you do. They can edit the team’s profile information, and can invite and remove other members of the team.


Add or remove members of a team

All members of your team have the same permissions, so any member of the team can invite new team members or remove other team members.

When you add someone to the team they will see the team profile page, but they will only see recent work that has been shared with them or that they have collaborated on.

Inviting someone to your team does not automatically give them a license to an Atlassian product.


Share content with a team, or @mention a team to notify them

Once you have created your team, you can share content with team members, or @mention the team on pages or issues to notify everyone in the team.

To share with a team, click the Share button in the top navigation of Confluence, or the share icon on a Jira issue and enter the team’s name. Members of the team will be notified by email or through their in-app notifications.

You can also @mention your team's name on a page or issue to notify everyone in the team.



Delete a team through the More menu next to Add people on the team profile page. Once you have deleted a team you can’t recover it.



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