Pause or archive projects and goals

Sometimes projects or goals may need to be paused for a short while due to a dependency or other priorities. To pause a project or a goal:

  1. Navigate to Atlassian Home.

  2. From the top menu, select the project or goal you’d like to pause.

  3. Update the status to Paused.

  4. Enter an update. We recommend adding some commentary on why the project was paused and when you expect it to resume.

What happens when a project or goal is paused?

  • Project and goal followers will not receive updates.

  • You’ll no longer receive regular reminders for your updates.

How to unpause a project or goal?

Go back to the project or goal and post an update. In the meantime, change the status back to On track, Off track, or another. In doing so, project followers will automatically resume receiving their updates.

Archiving projects or goals

You can archive a project or goal if you've finished it or the work is no longer relevant.

What happens when a project or a goal is archived?

  • A banner will appear on top of the project and the goal to highlight that it's archived

  • It will no longer appear in the default search results. Users will have to include searching archived content to find it again.

  • It will still be accessible to anyone who can navigate to it.

  • No more reminders are sent for the project or goal.

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