Follow goals, projects, teams, and topics

Following a goal, project, team, or topic ensures you get the latest updates and signals on how work is progressing. This increases the likelihood that any follower can always know the latest progress for any goal or project they care about.

A project page zoomed in on the blue follow button in the right sidebar.

What happens when you follow a goal or project?

Projects are updated weekly, so you’ll get a feed of the latest updates every Monday morning in Atlassian Home. Goals are updated at the start of every month, so you’ll get updates on the 8th in Atlassian Home.

In addition to the feeds in Atlassian Home, you’ll also get digest versions of both the weekly project updates and monthly goal updates delivered to your email, in Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

How to follow goals and projects

There are a number of ways to follow goals and projects and have their updates appear in your personalized feeds.

Automatic follows

You are automatically added as a follower if you are the owner of a <goal> or <project>, or a contributor to a project.

Follow individual projects and goals

You can follow individual projects and goals by selecting the “Follow” button on the right sidebar of any project or goal page.

Follow every project and goal associated with a topic

When you click on a tag in the right sidebar of a project or goal's homepage you'll be taken to your Home where you'll be given the option to follow the tag.

Tags can be added to goals and projects, creating an equivalent <topic> page for that tag. When you go to the topic page, you’ll see a list of goals and projects associated with that topic as well as the option to select the “Follow” button from the right sidebar of the topic page. By following a topic, you’ll also see its associated goal and project updates in your main feed.

The update feed on a topic page in Atlassian Home.

Topic pages also have a curated feed of updates for all the goals and projects associated with it. This way, you can aggregate different goals and projects into a single topic to create a customized feed that shows all the updates related to a specific work stream, department, or anything else you’d want grouped together under a topic.

Follow all projects and goals a team is working on

Particularly useful for managers and leaders, you can also follow all the projects and goals a team is contributing to. From a team's profile, just click follow in the Projects and goals section and you automatically be added as a follower of all their projects and goals – now and in the future.

Share updates in Slack channels

Not all stakeholders actively follow projects or goals or check in on their update feeds. You can still ensure the right people see your updates by connecting your project or goal to a Slack channel to automatically share updates in the connect channels.

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