Save a customized view of the goal and project directories

Searching and filtering in the projects or goals directories is a great way to get a view of specific goals and projects you’re interested in. Rather than having to re-enter your exact search terms or filters every time, you can create a saved view to return to that exact list of projects or goals you’re looking for.

Project directory in Atlassian Home showing a saved views.

Create a saved view

To create a view from a filtered directory screen:

  1. Go to either the goal or project directory page and enter the search or filters you want to save.

  2. Select Create view on the top-right of the directory screen and name your saved view.

  3. Alternatively, you could create a saved view from scratch by selecting Create view from the Views dropdown at the top of the directory page above the search bar.

    1. You’ll provide a name for the saved view, then you can apply filters and save the changes by selecting the Save button at the top-right of the directory screen.

Search for a saved view

Saved views can be seen and used by anyone in your Atlas workspace. To browse the saved views in your workspace, select the Views dropdown and enter a search term in the text field to find existing views.

Star a saved view to quickly re-access it

You can star your favourite views, so they are easy to return to.

  1. Select or create a saved view to enable that view.

  2. Once the view is active, click the 🌟 icon next to the view name at the top of the directory screen.

  3. The next time you go back to that directory, you’ll see that view at the top of the directory next to the All and Archived options.

Manage a saved view

By clicking the icon next to a saved view name, you can:

  • Rename the view

  • Delete the view

    • Note: deleting a view is a permanent decision, and will break any embedded views connected to it. Others who have starred or use the view will no longer be able to see it.

  • Update the view to add or remove filters (requires you to select the Save for everyone button at the top-right corner to apply)

  • Copy the URL to the view

Embed a saved view

Similar to other filtered directory states, saved views can be embedded in Confluence, Jira, and other Atlassian products through smart links.

  1. Copy the URL to the view you want to embed.

  2. Paste the URL into any Atlassian text editor to render it as a smart link.

  3. Select the smart link block and select the Embed option from the toolbar that appears.

Export a saved view to CSV

When using a saved view or just applying normal search or filters from these directories, you can also export the results into a CSV to use in tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This can help you manipulate the data further in a spreadsheet format, allowing managers to see aggregate views according to specific criteria.

  1. When in a saved view or have search/filters applied, select the menu at the top of the list of goals or projects.

  2. Select the Export CSV button.

Project directory focusing the export to CSV buton

The exported CSV file can be imported into a tool like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This allows you to further manipulate the data and create custom views to answer specific questions or provide specific reports to different stakeholders.

For example, program managers can now answer questions like, "which projects are missing a specific tag?". And managers can see how many projects were started last quarter by their teams that are not yet complete.

Which fields are exported to CSV?

Custom fields are currently not available to be exported. We are looking to add this feature at a later time.

CSV exports from the Projects directory include the following fields:

  • Project key

  • Name

  • Status

  • Start date

  • Target date

  • Owner

  • Team

  • Contributors

  • Related goals

  • Related links

  • Tags

CSV exports from the Goals directory include the following fields:

  • Goal key

  • Name

  • Status

  • Creation date

  • Target date

  • Owner

  • Teams

  • Parent goal

  • Subgoals

  • Contributing projects

  • Tags

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