Produce reports and integrate with other apps using Smart Links

Smart Links is a feature of the Atlassian Platform that transforms links to objects, files, and documents into rich, interactive previews in Atlassian Cloud products. This allows teams to get the context they need while continuing to work in the apps where they thrive.

With Smart Links, you can:

  • Link and embed projects and goals inside Confluence and Jira Cloud.

  • Link and embed previews of files and documents from other apps in Atlassian Home.

  • Display live previews of projects and goals as cards in Trello.

Embed projects and goals

Confluence and Jira Cloud products recognize the following links as Smart Links:

  • Project or goal, e.g.

  • Tag, e.g.<tag_id>

  • Filtered list of projects/goals, e.g.

When you paste one of these links into a Confluence page/comment or Jira issue description/comment, you have a few display options to choose from.

Display projects and goals in context

Great for when you want to provide viewers quick context inside a Confluence page, issue description, or comment, inline links and cards show live preview of a project/goal's title and current status.

alt="Dsiplay options for Atlassian projects and goals in Confluence."

For embedded cards, you can select Preview to see the project/goal's most recent update without leaving Confluence or Jira.

  • Projects:<project_key>

  • Goals:<goal_key>

Show a project or goal's about tab and latest update

Select Display embed to paste a link to a project or goal to show a live preview of its most recent update and about tab. This is really helpful for producing ad hoc reports or when you want people to always see a team or project's latest update when visiting a related Confluence page that contains more detail.

alt="Displaying Atlassian projects and goals embedded in Confluence."
  • Projects:<project_key>

  • Goals:<goal_key>

Embed a list of all projects with a specific tag

Great for a program, an initiative, or team reporting. Paste a link to a tag from a project or a goal, and select Display embed. You’ll get a rich list of all current and upcoming projects with that tag.

Expanding a project in the list will show its latest update inline.

  • Tag:<tag_id>

Display a list of filtered projects or goals

Any search you perform in the Project and Goal directories in Atlassian Home can be embedded in Confluence or Jira Cloud. Once you've applied your filters, just copy the link from your browser's address bar, paste it into a Confluence page/comment or Jira issue description/comment, and select Display embed.

You can also export filtered projects and goals to CSV.

  • Filtered projects:

  • Filtered goals:

Every team uses a different set of apps to get their work done. Smart Links helps you connect the dots between teams, their apps and work by bringing the context from those apps into your Atlassian Home. Smart Links supports Links to objects, files, or docs from more than 40 apps including Figma, Google Docs, Loom, Dropbox, Atlassian Cloud products, and more.

You can enter a video, document, or design file as a link into your project or goal’s About tab. Choose Embed for a rich preview. This will help you provide more context on your project and goal. Also, your stakeholders will always access the level of detail whenever they need it no matter where a team chooses to do their work. Links from supported apps will automatically unfurl.

Display live previews of projects and goals in Trello

When creating a card on a Trello board, pasting a link to a project, goal, or tag as the name of the card will convert it into a smart card for your projects and goals. You can select Preview to show the latest project, goal, or tags updates right from within Trello.

If you want to provide viewers with quick context on a project or goal inside a Trello card, inline links show a live preview of a project/goal's title and current status. Simply paste a link to a project or goal inside a Trello card's description.

  • Projects:<project_key>

  • Goals:<goal_key>

  • Tag:<tag_id>

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