Update reminders for goals and projects

Goals and projects are designed to help your organization respond to change with regular communication habits built into these experiences.



πŸ”” Project owners will get a reminder weekly on their Friday to post their weekly updates.

πŸ”” Goal owners will get a reminder on the 1st of each month for their monthly goal updates. Goal updates are due a week later.

πŸ“° Project followers are notified of updates weekly on the Monday for the previous week's updates.

πŸ“° Goal followers are notified on the 8th of each month.

How do these reminders work with different time zones and distributed teams?

All the reminders and digest notifications for projects and goals are tailored to be as close as possible to each individual user's timezone. For example, a project owner in the AEST timezone will get their weekly reminders on their Friday (which is Thursday in a PST timezone). Project owners in the PST timezone only get their Friday reminders once it's Friday in the PST timezone.

Why am I not getting any reminders for my project or goals?

The most common problem here is that the project or goal is marked as paused or pending. Projects and goals have to be running in order to get the reminders. To resolve this, simply start your project or goal reporting by changing the status to something - e.g. On Track for your first report.

My reminders are coming but not at a time I'm expecting:

There are a few things to check here:

  1. Check the users timezone settings on their Atlassian account and ensure it's set to the users local timezone.

  2. All reminder and digest reminder calculations are calculated relative to the "central" workspace timezone setting set by your workspace admin. This is what helps us get to the "close as possible Friday" and "close as possible Monday" for everyone in your organization. A workspace admin can access workspace settings from the icon in the top right part of the page. From there, they can try to see what central timezone is best selected for people in the organization:

The timezone section of the workspace settings menu.

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