Link projects to related work and goals

Atlassian projects are designed to complement the tools your teams are already using to track, manage, and do work. When everyone is openly communicating the context and status of their work using a common language, teams are enabled to use the right tool for the right job.

Atlassian project page focused on the related links section

By leveraging project links, stakeholders can easily and quickly access additional content they’re looking for if and when they need it. Every project can be linked to:

  • Goals they contribute to.

  • Projects they are related to, dependent on, or depended on by.

  • Places where specific tasks are being tracked, such as Jira boards or epics.

  • Related files, documents, and pages.

Links to 40+ supported providers will automatically unfurl and dynamically display the linked app's icon and object's title (e.g. Asana tasks, Jira Software epics, and Google Drive files).

If you link to another projectgoal, or a Jira Software epic or issue, you'll see a live preview of its status in Atlas.

Links to other projects, goals, or Jira issues will show a live preview of its STATUS.

You can also edit the title of any related links that have been added to a project, so stakeholders have an even better chance of finding what they're looking for (without having to ask).

You can also edit how the title of a related link displays once its been added to a project, so stakeholders can find what they’re looking for even faster and without having to ask.

Titles of related links on projects can be changed for clarity


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