Participating in the Platform Experiences early access program

What are Platform Experiences?

Platform Experiences are a set of features and experiences that are available throughout the Atlassian suite of products. Each can help you connect the dots across your teams, their apps, and work - wherever it happens.

Platform experiences now in early access

Platform experiences include:

Atlassian Goals

Goals help you to track and communicate the outcomes you and your teams are working towards. By staying close to your work Atlassian goals assist you in staying on track. You can link goals to Jira issues, embed in Confluence pages, and connect to Atlassian projects.

Read more about Atlassian goals

Atlassian Projects

Projects help you communicate about the work you’re doing to stakeholders and dependent teams. By following a regular update schedule and automatically sending a weekly update digest, projects help you answer the what, why, who, and how of your teams’ work without needing to schedule yet another status meeting.

Read more about Atlassian projects

Atlassian Home

Your new home for everything Atlassian. With Platform Experiences you’re getting an upgraded home experience. Quickly navigate between different Atlassian products, view your recent work, and access directories for both of the previously mentioned projects and goals.

Other features unlocked with Platform Experiences

  • Atlassian Topics - Group projects and goals by a theme, see their status, their updates, and share it to help your teams get up to speed faster. Read more about topics

  • Kudos - Everyone loves feeling appreciated. Take a minute to say “thank you” to your teammates by giving them a kudos.

  • Sync reporting lines from your Identity provider (e.g. Okta) - by syncing the manager attribute from your Identity Provider (IdP) you’ll be able to see your teammate's managers on their profile card, how they fit the company reporting lines on their profiles, and be able to filter projects and goals by their manager.

And more to come soon.

What is the Platform Experiences early access program?

Platform Experiences are being launched in beta and are offered as an early access program from May 1st, 2024.

Platform Experiences will not support the following during the early access program:

  • Granular permissions — all users on the enabled site will have access to Platform Experiences features and functions. This means that an admin cannot control who can view, access or create goals or projects, for example.

  • Support for certain compliance features - No BYOK, Data Residency, FedRAMP, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications, and more. Read more about compliance features that aren't currently supported

We plan to make the above features available and add improvements to the experiences as a whole. Once the early access period is over, our plan is to make Platform Experiences available to every eligible Atlassian customer.

Can I opt out?

After opting in, you’ll be able to opt out of the early access program at any time. Instructions for how to opt out are under the section below titled, “How to opt in or out of the early access program”.

Who is eligible for the early access program?

  • You must have at least one Atlassian site. For example, A site is automatically created with many of our products, such as Jira and Confluence.

  • You must not have an existing Atlas workspace on the site you’re trying to opt in. Platform Experiences are provisioned per site. If you have another Atlassian site without Atlas, you can use that site to opt in instead.

    • Note 1: if you deactivated Atlas on a specific site, you must wait 30 days before being able to opt the site into the beta. You can still opt in sites in your organization that don’t have Atlas.

    • Note 2: over the course of the beta program, we will automatically migrate existing Atlas workspaces into the new Platform Experiences. If you’re an existing Atlas customer we recommend you keep your Atlas workspace and wait for the migration. After the migration, you can opt out of the early access program at any time. More information will be sent to your admins.

When opting in, you will also need to confirm the terms outlined above and agree to not having granular permissions and specific compliance support during the early access program.

How to opt in or out of the early access program

Atlassian administration page showing the Platform Experiences EAP sign-up page.

To opt into the early access program your site must comply with the conditions outlined above AND you must be an organization admin.

To opt in to early access:

  1. Go to your site's Administration at If you're an admin for multiple sites or an organization admin, click the site's name and URL to open the Administration for that site.

  2. Go to Settings from the top of the page.

  3. Select Platform experiences on the left-side menu.

  4. Select the “Sign up now” button and follow the prompts on screen.

To opt out of early access:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above to get to the Platform experiences page.

  2. From the list on the page, find the site that you want to disable early access on.

  3. Select the “Opt out” button under the Actions column and follow the prompts .

Have feedback or questions?

We want to hear from you! Please go to the Atlassian Home page at—the basic version is available without Platform Experiences.

At the top navigation bar you’ll see “Give feedback”. Select the button and let us know how we can help. You can also join the conversation here.

If you’re on a plan that includes support and you have an urgent question or issue, please reach out to Atlassian support.


Q1. What happens once the early access program ends?

A1. Anyone who opted into the program can keep using Platform Experiences with added functionality. At the same time they will become available to all Atlassian customers with at least one site.

Q2. Are Platform Experiences free during the beta? Will they remain free?

A2. All Platform Experiences that are available during the beta are completely free and we expect that it will remain free after the beta.

Q3. Can I opt out of the Platform Experiences early access? What happens when I opt out?

A3. Yes, follow the steps under the section “How to opt in or out of the early access program”. Opting out will remove any Platform Experiences from your site but won’t delete your data. Once Platform Experiences is no longer in beta and is generally available, we expect to launch granular permissions, which give admins control over who can view, create and access goals and projects.

Q4. What compliance features does Platform Experiences support during the beta?

A4. See this page for more information.

Q5. Where can I learn more about specific Platform Experiences?

A5. You can view all our Platform experiences resources

Q6. I got a notification saying I’ve been enrolled into the Platform Experience early access program but I haven’t opted in. What happened?

A6. Throughout the beta, we’ll gradually enroll certain customers in the early access program in preparation for an Atlassian-wide rollout. Initially, we’ll target low-risk customers who are unlikely to require certain compliance features (e.g., HIPAA or data residency). However, note that you can always opt out of the program by following the steps outlined under the “How to opt in and out of the early access program” section above.

Q7. What if I’m a current Atlas customer, can I still opt in to early access?

A7. You can’t opt a site into Platform Experience early access if it already has an Atlas workspace attached. We’ll be transitioning all Atlas workspaces to Platform Experiences at a later date, so we recommend that you wait for the transition. Your existing Atlas data will also transition to Platform Experiences.

Note that during the early stages of the beta, there will not be a significant advantage to transitioning from Atlas to Platform Experiences yourself.

If you decide you want to join the beta anyway, you can delete your Atlas product and wait for at least 30 days before you can opt in to the early access program. While this is possible, we do not recommend this option!

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