Add custom fields to projects and goals

Every company has their own unique language helping them to define it’s identity and culture. Being able to use your own vocabulary is important when communicating about projects and goals to make them really feel like your own.

You can use custom fields to capture specific pieces of information that default fields just don’t cover. With custom fields your admins can build a unique vocabulary for your organization, ensuring consistent and comprehensive communication about projects and goals.

Add a new custom field

To add a new custom field to your projects or goals:

  1. Go to Settings ⚙️ > Workspace settings > Fields.

  2. Switch to the Project or Goal tab.

  3. Select Add field to create a new custom field.

  4. Fill in the name, field type, and description.

  5. Select Save to display the custom field on your projects or goals.

You can create 6 different types of custom fields:

  • Text: Freeform string, up to 250 characters.

  • Number: A numerical figure.

  • Single user: A user from the Atlassian workspace.

  • Multi-user: One or more users from the Atlassian workspace.

  • Single-select text: One option from a predefined list.

  • Multi-select text: One or many options from a predefined list.

Edit or remove custom fields

  1. To edit or remove a field, go to Settings  > Workspace settings > Fields.

  2. Select the custom field to edit

  3. Select Remove to stop displaying it on projects or goals.

If you wish to delete the field permanently:

  1. Select Add field.

  2. In the dropdown, select Delete

Each workspace can create up to 10 custom fields across projects and goals.

Display and reporting on custom fields

Once an admin has specified which custom fields to display on projects or goals, they will display in the details panel on a project or goal page. Custom fields can be filtered in the project and goal directory, for reporting purposes and saved in tailored views to revisit easily.


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