Connect projects, goals, and topics with Microsoft Teams

You can use Atlassian Home app for Microsoft Teams to post updates without switching tools. Regular updates keep stakeholders informed, provide early feedback, and broadcast progress.

Once a project, goal, or topic is connected to a Microsoft Teams channel, all subsequent updates will be automatically shared in that channel and any other connected channels. This makes it easy to keep all your stakeholders in the loop on your latest updates, directly from the tools they already use.

The Atlassian Home app for Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration by sending reminders and digests directly to owners and followers within the platform. It enables users to share updates seamlessly from Microsoft Teams, provides detailed previews of projects and goals, and includes suggestions for maintaining project organization.

Add Atlassian Home app for Microsoft Teams

To start using the app:

  1. Download the Atlassian Home app for Microsoft Teams. If you already have the app select the link to open it.

  2. Select Login to log in to your Microsoft Teams workspace, or type the command /login in the app chat.

  3. Go back to the Atlassian Home app and refresh the page.

Connect your work to Microsoft Teams

Once you've logged in to the app, there are three ways you can connect projects, goals, and topics to Microsoft Teams channels. Note that you can add multiple projects and goals to the same Teams channel, so you can share progress in one place.

  1. Share from a project, goal, or a topic page: When you’re in the detail of a project or a goal select Share or the follower count. Then switch to the Connect to chat tab and select Connect a Microsoft Teams channel.

  2. Paste the project, goal, or topic link: When you’re in a Microsoft Teams channel, paste the link of the project, goal, or topic. Then select Connect or Manage connections.

  3. Use the command: You can connect your projects, goals, and topics by selecting or typing a command by starting with @Atlassian Home from any Teams channel.


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