What's new in Jira Cloud for iOS


  • Bugs were bashed, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • You can now stay up to date on newly created issues with ‘create issue’ push notifications.

  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Global search: Easily search across projects, issues, filters, and boards. Check it out on the Home tab.

  • Incident activity: Track the complete timeline of an incident from the Activity section on your incident. Also, we've moved Approval updates from Comments to Activity section.

  • Jira Work Management boards: Customize your boards by adding background gradients.

  • We squashed some annoying bugs and made some delightful improvements!


  • Bugs were bashed, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.

  • Approvals have arrived. Sign-off and approve work even when you're away from your desktop. Select approvals in your project view navigation to find a list of issues waiting for approval.


  • Bugs were destroyed, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were crushed, and improvements were made.


  • We're bringing forms to the Jira app. Now your team can collect and receive input even when away from their desk.

  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Now you can open an issue in a company-managed project, and change or remove the issue's parent directly in the parent section.

  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Now you can open an issue and change or remove its parent issue directly in the parent section.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • Personalize your home screen by adding up to 6 of your favorite items to the quick access section. You can include projects, boards, filters, and issues.

  • Custom filters are now visible on the board in work management projects.

  • A flock of bugs was blasted into oblivion.


  • Moving forward, the app will retain your preference for displaying issue field sections when you create a new issue.

  • Select a request type while creating a new issue in service management projects, which allows you to better define and organize your issues.

  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Creating an issue is better than ever. There's a new look and feel, improved visibility of required fields, and tabs for organizing different groups of information. Oh, and a bunch of bugs were squashed, so the experience is mind-blowingly smooth.


  • Get ready for a powerful new feature in work management projects – calendar view! It delivers a sleek and intuitive way to visualize upcoming work.

  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • Something new has landed in work management projects… a summary tab! View summaries and status overviews of your team’s work.

  • Bugs were walloped, and improvements were added.


  • Bugs were annihilated, and improvements were made.


  • This will be the final version to support iOS 15. To continue enjoying new features in Jira, update to iOS 16 or above.

  • Bugs were bashed, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were bashed, and improvements were made.


  • Performance improvements were made, and bugs were bashed: widgets on your device’s home screen now work properly, and automation shortcuts are available again.


  • Heaps of stuff has been done behind the scenes. Bugs bashed, improvements made. Seriously snazzy stuff. Enjoy a smoother experience.


  • Bugs were whacked, including one that prevented a message from appearing if your board had too many issues on it.


  • Open an issue and check out the snazzy new ••• (more) menu. We’ve added icons (for easier visual identification), as well as the option to copy the issue’s link. (Pssst… you can also copy the issue link by selecting the issue key!)

  • Bugs were slaughtered.


  • Child issues are now visible on the roadmap in chart view.

  • Bugs were bashed, and improvements were made.


  • Bugs were eliminated.


  • Bugs were bashed, and performance improvements added.


  • Roadmaps are accelerating! An epic’s child issues and roll-up dates are now visible on the roadmap in list view, plus all sprints when viewing the roadmap in chart view.

  • Bugs were destroyed.


  • You can now edit an issue’s parent within company-managed projects. Open an issue and select ••• (more), then assign to parent issue. Easy as that.

  • Love the new issue design? We've brought the best of it to the transition screen, including tabs.

  • We went terminator on some bugs, and made visual improvements.


  • Clone issues with ease. Open an issue, select ••• (more), and clone. Voilà!

  • Search for issues using an exact phrase by adding double quotation marks around a search term.

  • Bug were blasted. Improvements were made.


  • Rename boards in company-managed projects.

  • Filter by status on the board and backlog.

  • Bugs were bopped; improvements to the UI were added with flair.


  • Does something look different? We’ve redesigned the look of issues. Open one and witness the beauty. Sections and tab and groups, oh my! Finding the right information is simpler than ever.

  • View potential risks to your change issues in service management projects. Risk insights can help improve change approval processes.

  • Swipe left ← on an issue in the backlog to add a flag to it.

  • Bugs were obliterated, including one that prevented pull request icons from displaying on company-managed boards.


  • You can now set an issue’s user fields (such as assignee and reporter) using the Shortcuts app.

  • View all activity in an issue’s activity section. The new option sits beneath worklog, history, and comments.

  • Bugs were annihilated, and performance improvements were added.


  • We forced some bugs into the gutter,
    And made the UI smooth as butter.
    You may not see them, but they’re there:
    Improvements sprinkled everywhere.
    So go and conquer with your team,
    Smash those goals and chase your dream.


  • Bugs were bashed, including one involving Quick lock: now, in order to use Shortcuts, disable Quick lock first.


  • You can now change Jira’s app icon on your device. Select your avatar > Settings > App icon to discover available icons. (Keep an eye out for a festive-themed one!)

  • Bugs were thwacked: edit issue labels with ease; workflow action transitions display correctly.


  • Bugs were squashed: if you set issue comments to show from newest to oldest, you’ll now add new comments right after the newest one; left-swiping ← an issue on the issue search screen assigns or transitions it correctly; replying to push notifications on your device’s lock screen updates accurately.


  • Bugs were demolished.


  • Bugs were bashed, and performance improvements were added.


  • When grouping by assignee on the board, you’ll always appear first.

  • Bugs were banished: assignees no longer go missing when you transition an issue; comments are refreshing properly.


  • Support for iOS 14 is ending after this release. To continue enjoying new features in future releases, update to iOS 15 or above.

  • Create subtasks with required fields in company-managed projects.

  • Hello, infinite scrolling! Now you can view all the issues when scrolling through search results.

  • Pull request icons on the board are more accessible, no longer relying solely on color to differentiate between open, merged, and declined pull requests.

  • Bugs were bashed: text in the issue statistics gadget displays correctly on dashboards; create issues on the board and utilize autocomplete while typing in languages with accents and combination characters.


  • Bugs were bashed: create issues directly on your board in team-managed projects; new projects will automatically receive an editable project key; after you delete a project via Home, you’ll be brought right back to Home. (There’s no place like Home.)


  • When you adjust the order of an issue’s activity section (showing newest first versus oldest first), your selection in the app will automatically sync with Jira in your web browser (and vice versa).

  • The order of pinned fields in issues now matches the web browser experience.

  • Love a QR code? You can now scan QR codes to automatically add details to the insight object field in service management projects.

  • Bugs were conquered.


  • Add watchers to issues. (Watchers. Not watches. Now’s not the time. Ba-dum-tsh.)

  • Add stakeholders to incident management requests in service management projects.

  • Add a remaining estimate and time spent statistic to burndown charts in company-managed projects.

  • Bugs were squashed, and performance improvements were made.


  • The project creation experience has been tidied. It’s a little cleaner, a little smoother.

  • Rename search filters with ease. Select a filter, select ••• (more), then hit Rename filter.

  • Bugs were walloped.


  • Add tables to issues. Rows, and columns, and cells – oh my!

  • Quick access on iPad is now a cleaner experience.

  • Bugs were blasted, including one involving time tracking, which prevented people from setting the remaining time.


  • Bugs were eliminated: the app was crashing mysteriously for some people. No more! Also, the new Issue List widget’s font now matches the app; deep links to dashboards work properly; saving an edited JQL filter works correctly.


  • Keep an eye on issues with the new issue list widget for your device’s home screen.

  • Bugs were bashed, and performance improvements added.


  • You can now mark notifications as unread after opening them.

  • Saving a filter in basic search is a little smoother. (We’ve polished the process.)

  • Issues on boards, queues, and in the backlog now display ‘x new updates’, letting you quickly discern whether anything new has happened.

  • Bugs were bibble-babbled into stupefaction: you can now easily assign issues to a parent in company-managed projects, remaining estimates will update accurately when work is logged and estimates are manually changed on a transition screen, and issues can’t be changed to invalid issue types.


  • Has the app gone strangely quiet on your iPhone? We experienced and resolved a bug in push notifications. To re-activate push notifications, you’ll need to reopen the app.

  • Major incidents in service management projects will now have a label, plus an easy ‘on-off’ toggle. (Toggle on, toggle off.)

  • Keyboard shortcuts have received a major improvement.

  • Other bugs were squashed.


  • Collaboration just got faster — direct mentions and ‘assigned to you’ push notifications can now be treated as time-sensitive, which means you’ll receive them even if your notifications are snoozed. Disable time-sensitive notifications via system settings.

  • Assign an issue to a parent via the issue’s ‘more’ menu in company-managed projects.

  • Bugs were flattened; now password reset links work correctly, and child issues display properly in work management projects.


  • Easily manage (and log out of) any accounts in your browser, without logging out of the app. (Go to Settings > Manage account.)

  • Spot a bug? Sending us direct feedback is easier than ever. Open the app and shake your device, or go to Account > Send feedback. You can even include a screenshot or screen recording.

  • We’re booping bugs: roadmaps were acting strangely (and now they’re not); keyboard shortcuts on iPadOS 15.4 have been temporarily disabled (this bug’s a wild one – stay tuned).


  • The insights field is now supported on issue transition screens.

  • When viewing the issue list, see how many new updates have been made for each issue.

  • Bugs were clobbered: clearing all status filters works properly; issue details won’t appear faded if editing is cancelled; creating issues with edited fields works smoothly; editing fields in an issue transition screen won’t stop the issue from being transitioned; and filters without JQL queries won’t accidentally clear after a pull-to-refresh.


  • Monitor your sprints and projects with the Sprint Health gadget and Projects gadget. Add them to your dashboard via Jira Cloud for web.

  • Bugs were escorted to the exit: filters now update smoothly after filter queries have been edited; transitioning issues is no longer affected by the absence of the attachment field; adding attachments via the Shortcuts app works properly; fields are editable when they’re pinned.


  • Bugs were bashed, and performance improvements were added.


  • Edit or delete search filters.

  • The Created vs Resolved gadget has landed! Add it to your dashboard via Jira Cloud for web.

  • Bugs were squashed, including one involving an issue’s parent field in company-managed projects, and one being silly with the ‘clear all' issue type filters button.


  • Turkish and Chinese (Traditional) are now supported in the app. Adjust language settings via your device’s system settings.

  • Bugs were bludgeoned (gently).


  • Change whether a comment is internal or customer-facing after it has been added to an issue within Jira Service Management.

  • When creating an issue, the order of the issue’s fields now match web’s experience.

  • Bugs were goaded into submission.


  • Add the activity stream gadget to your dashboard. Soak up that juicy information.

  • Share your dashboard via the magnificent share button on the dashboard screen.

  • Save issue searches as filters.

  • Bugs were blasted, including one that prevented new sprints from being added to the active sprint filter, and one being silly with issue comments added during a transition.


  • Perform advanced issue searches using Jira Query Language (JQL). Find advanced search next to the search filters.

  • Incident responders can acknowledge alerts within service projects.

  • Edit an issue’s resolution. Boom.

  • Bugs were given the boot, including one that didn’t display avatar updates in some company-managed projects.


  • When you open a notification about an issue comment, you’ll be automatically taken to the comment in the issue’s details, and it’ll be highlighted. No time wasted searching for it.

  • Bugs were bashed, performance improvements were added.


  • If you have an issue transition screen, you can now add attachments when you update the issue’s status.

  • View, add, or remove responders from incidents in service projects.

  • Bugs were ejected, including one that was messing with label filtering on boards.


  • Note: Support for iOS 13 is ending after this release. To continue enjoying new features and improvements in future releases, update to iOS 14 or later.

  • Search for issues by component.

  • Filter issues by issue type on the board.

  • Backlogs load faster in team-managed projects.

  • Bugs were bashed: recently-viewed projects display correctly in Home, issues can be drag-and-dropped smoothly on boards, and issue type is easy to select when creating issues on iPad.


  • Filter your notifications by Unread (notifications will be hidden after you’ve opened them) and/or Direct (you’ll only receive notifications for issues you’re assigned or @mentioned on). Reduce the noise, increase the focus.

  • Within an issue’s activity section, switch between comments, history, and worklog. And sort by date, if you like.

  • You can now filter issues by reporter.

  • Bugs were bumped, and performance improvements were added.


  • When you create an issue in the backlog while filtering by assignee, the new issue will auto-assign to that person. Bam.

  • We added performance improvements to the issue editing experience, including dynamic font resizing.

  • Bugs were thwarted: one was being silly with quick replies, and another was messing with requests that required group approvals. There were more, but let’s end this on a positive note: puppies.


  • Monitoring the number of issues across your Jira site is easy with the snazzy new widget for your home screen. (Both iPhone and iPad. Oh my.)

  • Smart replies have landed in issue comments. They predict the start of a response from you, saving you precious, precious time (and brainpower).

  • Bugs were smashed.


  • Issues on your board are more informative: now you can see a development status icon, and a checkmark when the issue is marked as ‘Done’.

  • Extra fields can now be displayed on issues on your board in company-managed projects.

  • In burndown charts, view how many issues are connected to the sprint’s start and end dates.

  • Bugs were fixed: enjoy a faster notifications screen, a well-behaved tab bar (it kept appearing on open issues), and a bug-free experience when opening projects via Home.


  • Ready to go Home? Hit Home in the tab bar for quick access to your recently-viewed issues, projects, boards, filters, and queues.

  • Reply directly to a teammate’s comment on an issue: when you hit Reply, you’ll automatically @mention them.

  • Issue labels and due dates are now visible on boards in team-managed projects.

  • The Two Dimensional Filter Statistics dashboard gadget has gotten smarter: now, the selected row and column names are displayed while viewing a cell's issues, making it easier for you to navigate.

  • Bugs were squashed, including one that hid an issue comment’s toolbar after users canceled the insertion of an image or file.


  • Priority icons have arrived on issues.

  • ‘Days in column’ indicator dots have landed on issues, too.

  • We did some tinkering to the backlog, and made some small improvements. (It runs a little faster now. Boom.)

  • Bugs were blasted.


  • Who doesn’t love a splash of color? Issue colors are now visible on boards.

  • Bugs were bashed: The mighty process control project template has returned. Versions were acting funky, allowing people with incorrect permissions to attempt creation and edits.


  • React to in-app notifications with emojis.

  • Notifications are slightly easier to read: we adjusted the spacing and alignment of text.

  • Bugs were squished, including one that added strange formatting to lists when they were pasted into issue descriptions.


  • View Jira Service Management requests' list of approvers, plus add or remove approvers.

  • See customized titles of dashboard gadgets.

  • Bugs were squashed, including one that made notifications vanish.


  • Can’t right now? No problem: set reminders for push notifications.

  • Bugs were fixed, improvements were added. Just for you, friend. (Plus everyone else.)


  • Pinned fields now appear in issue details.

  • We added a truckload of performance improvements, and pummelled a bunch of bugs, including one that prevented people from editing request types. Now you can edit them willy-nilly. (Though we suggest editing them sensibly, for your team’s sake.)


  • Have you discovered dashboards yet? They’ve just rolled out to 100% of users, delivering a glorious, personalized overview of your work.

  • Filter sprints in your backlog. (Reduce the noise, increase the focus. Hurrah!)

  • Bugs were booted, and performance improvements were added.


  • Adding an internal comment versus replying to a customer on a Jira Service Management issue has become clearer.

  • Your little notification badge number is now smarter when you have multiple accounts, reflecting a total number of notifications.

  • We squelched some bugs, and inserted a few other nifty performance improvements.


  • Bugs were obliterated.


  • Quickly expand or collapse all sprints in the backlog by long-pressing a sprint header, or via the backlog’s ‘more’ icon.

  • We refreshed the experience of updating an issue from one status or transition to another. Check it out.

  • Bugs were removed.


  • Bugs were removed. Enjoy a bug-less notification screen (some notifications were being hidden, and comments were appearing twice), and accelerated loading speeds of two-dimensional dashboard gadgets (some were being sluggish).


  • Your roadmap will now display as a chart by default, rather than a list. (You can swap to list view via your roadmap’s ‘more’ icon.)

  • On your roadmap, filter issues by assignee, label, or status.

  • Web links, including Confluence links, now appear within your issues.

  • Bugs were squished, and improvements were made. The editing experience in particular received a polish.


  • Search by keyword to filter issues on your roadmap.

  • Bugs were blasted; site-switching is now easier, the editing experience is smoother, and your little avatar received a polish. (Sometimes avatars appeared square, rather than round. We like details.)


  • Roadmaps shipped to next-gen projects earlier this year, and now they’re joining the party in classic projects, too. Plan your work in advance, craft your goals to perfection, and connect the dots between multiple moving parts with a snazzy roadmap.

  • Issues load faster. We tweaked, tinkered, and tightened some stuff, shaving off valuable micro-seconds.

  • Bugs were squashed, and improvements were made.


  • Clear all active filters on the board and backlog with a single tap.

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs. Squished, squashed, squelched. (Actually, they were removed very gently.)


  • Searching for issues on the board and backlog is easier, with full issue summaries helping you find what you need faster.

  • Several bugs were ushered toward the exit. Now you can upload attachments without buggy interruptions, and time tracking fields no longer pop up unexpectedly within incorrect projects.


  • You can now select and copy text within notifications.

  • An assortment of bugs was walloped: Roadmaps weren’t automatically scrolling to today, links within issues were being temperamental, the editing experience was acting a little funky, and adding time estimates was harder than usual. All fixed.


  • Filtering has been updated. Filter issues without epics on your board and backlog, or filter by multiple epics at once on your board.

  • Searching for issues using issue keys no longer requires a hyphen.

  • View merged commits with a single click.


  • On a board with swimlanes, go straight to a subtask’s parent issue or epic with a single click.

  • Move projects to trash rather than deleting them straight away; admins can retrieve them before they’re permanently deleted.

  • Easily see months within each quarter on your roadmap.

  • Performance improvements have been made to issue editing and issue details, as well as notifications.

  • Bugs were fixed, including one that displayed a single default swimlane in classic project templates.


  • Time is limited, so save some by creating Jira shortcuts using Apple’s Shortcuts app.

  • View branch information in your issues.

  • Bugs were extricated, including one that sporadically booted people out of the app.


  • Development info within issues continues to grow: builds have arrived!

  • Filter by unassigned issues on your board and backlog.

  • Adding columns to your board is now done via the ‘more' icon on your board.

  • Searching for unnamed epics is now easier; they’re listed under ‘unnamed’.

  • Bugs were squashed, including some lurking in the issue-editing experience.


  • Commits have sidled onto the development details screen.

  • Bugs were removed: one was preventing people from editing story points, and another was crashing the app when issues were opened from links.


  • Format text faster with character shortcuts, including * (bold) and # (heading).

  • Adding smart links to issues just got easier. Try it.

  • Easily view pull requests related to your issues.

  • Quickly access your service desk’s settings via the ‘more’ icon (three dots, sometimes called ‘meatballs’).

  • Bugs were eliminated.


  • You’re a star! And now your projects can be, too. Star your favorites to locate them faster.

  • Feast your eyes on better smart link rendering in issues.

  • Further improvements have landed in the issue-editing experience, with a smarter toolbar and additional shortcuts for adding complex content (lists, quotes, and code block).


  • Bugs were removed. Nothing but happiness here.


  • Filtering just hugged flagging: now, when you’re filtering your board by flagged issues and you create a new issue, it’ll be automatically flagged, too.

  • One bug was randomly crashing the app when issue attachments were expanded.


  • We’re rolling out a new editing experience, making it easier to edit comments and descriptions, make text selections, edit in Dark Mode, and attach files within comments. (Spot a rogue bug? Let us know: Go to your account > Send feedback. You’re awesome.)


  • Switch between Jira sites with ease: go to your account and hit Switch site.

  • Searching for issue fields (such as assignee and reporter) has become easier, with better search suggestions and refined results.

  • Bugs were lured from the UI with a scattering of sugar-coated branches and candy-flavored commits.


  • Development info has landed in issues. Quickly see a summary of related commits, pull requests, branches, builds, reviews, and deployments. So much juicy info right there.

  • Create major incidents from within your service desk issues.

  • We’ve sharpened your board’s issue-create function. Now, if you’re filtering the board by assignee, epic, and/or label, your new issue will automatically inherit those labels and be instantly visible on the board.

  • Check out the little progress bar for child issues we’ve added to the issue detail window. It gives you a quick visual of how you’re tracking with complete (or incomplete) child issues.

  • Edit, copy, and delete issue comments by hitting the ‘more’ icon (three dots, sometimes affectionately called ‘meatballs’) next to the issue’s comment.

  • Bugs were banished, including one that prevented people from assigning issues even when they had the correct permissions.


  • Say hello to the Cumulative flow diagram! This report shows the quantity of issues moving across statuses over time, helping you identify bottlenecks in your team's workflow.

  • Create versions via the Releases tab.

  • Adding and editing comments just got easier, with faster @mentions, and a slicker overall performance.

  • Two bugs were playing havoc behind the scenes: one with Korean text-entry, the other with backlogs failing to load if issues weren’t labelled. We sent them both packing.


  • Cinnamon scrolls are nice, but super-smooth scrolling through reports is better. Enjoy easy reading. (No cinnamon, but feel free to add some.)

  • Link and unlink OpsGenie incidents from within your issues.

  • Discover change management fields within your service desk issues.

  • We added other small UI improvements, too.


  • Filter issues in your backlog by epic and label.

  • Select the sprint for your burndown chart, and switch between story point and issue count values.

  • iPad: Versions have split their view. (Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.)

  • Bugs have been bamboozled: one was causing trouble for issue-editing, and another was shining a blinding light onto the assignee picker while in dark mode.


  • Drumroll… Reports have arrived! Analyze your team’s performance with burndown charts and velocity reports.

  • View your project’s releases via the new releases tab.

  • Search your board for issues associated with versions using Affects version and Fix version filters.

  • Filter issues by type in your backlog.

  • Discover a new field within your service desk issues: Affected services. (It's tucked within the view and create screens.)

  • Performance improvements were added with the gentlest of care, and bugs were blasted from the UI with unapologetic gusto.


  • Add goals to sprints after they’ve started. Boom.

  • iPad: Use the keyboard to select @mentions and emojis when commenting on issues.

  • We added bling to your backlog: See all those little faces peering at you? Assignee avatars are visible on issues. And there’s an assignee filter for issue search.

  • We added less flashy bling behind the scenes, too, in the form or performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • Switching between Atlassian products (and discovering others) is easier than ever via your account.

  • Add a sprint goal when you start your next sprint.

  • Quickly identify which epic an issue belongs to within your next-gen project’s backlog.

  • A couple of bugs made themselves known: one was stopping projects from appearing as ‘recently viewed’, and another was causing trouble for board filters.


  • Swiping issues on an iPad to quick-move them (top or bottom of the backlog, or to a sprint or board) has been updated to match iOS; now they’re both right-to-left swipes.

  • Have you hit the accelerator with the new project tabs yet? You can switch between board, backlog, and roadmap so fast that you’ll basically break the space-time continuum.


  • Some people’s app was crashing upon opening on iOS 12 devices. We fixed it quick-smart.


  • Switch between board, backlog and roadmap at the speed of light using the new project tabs.

  • In the interest of sending some bugs sky-high, we ordered dynamite. We received diatomite instead. The bugs still expired; it just wasn’t very spectacular.


  • Service desk agents, rejoice! Approvals can now be processed in-app.

  • We removed bucketloads of bugs, including one that was preventing PDF attachments from being opened.


  • Goals are good (otherwise we drift, amiright?) so we made sprint goals visible in the backlog.

  • We added organizations to service desk issues.


  • No new features in this release, but a rather hefty removal of bugs and some performance tweaks.


  • Active sprints are now visible in the backlog.


  • Small bugs were coaxed from the UI’s cogs and pulleys.


  • iPad: Grab a towel! Swimlanes have arrived.

  • Bugs have been fixed, including Dark Mode readability issues.


  • As you emerge from the shadows*, blinking into the light, you might notice there aren’t any new features in this release. We flattened some performance-related bugs, though.

    *Dark Mode went native in the previous release! Have you checked it out?


  • Nyctophiles, unite! (The people, not the bats.) Dark Mode is now native in iOS 13, embracing system colors and settings. Our custom Dark Mode implementation is gracefully entering retirement, which means iOS 11 and 12 will no longer support Dark Mode.

  • Some people were having problems logging in via SAML and Google, so we updated the login process.

  • Issue loading is faster on boards and notification screens.

  • iPad only: Service Desk projects and notifications have made like bananas and split. (Their view, that is.)

  • iPad only: Issues are more responsive to screen sizes, giving you a better view of information.


  • Although there aren't any new features in this release, there's an enjoyable absence of bugs. We removed a disgruntled bunch in the dead of night. 


  • Some small bugs have been hunted down, humanely captured, and released into the wild far, far away. Enjoy an even cleaner UI and faster performance.


  • We’ve fixed some bugs, including issue descriptions (which were occasionally acting funky) and the app’s sporadic failure to launch. Now your Jira ride can be even smoother. Awww yeeaahh.


  • In next-gen projects, you can now edit an issue’s People custom field.

  • You can now remove attachments while creating issues.

  • We’ve fixed the invite screen’s font and theme – it’s now dynamic. Hurrah!


  • We’ve revamped the invite experience. Invite team members to your Jira instance by entering their email address or device’s phone book.

  • You can now edit multi-user custom fields on the issue detail screen.


  • Big news! If you have a next-gen project, you can now view your project’s Roadmap as a chart (not just a list of issues).

  • When viewing an epic in a next-gen project, you can create child issues like stories, bugs, or tasks.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.


  • Custom fields added by your add-ons will now be displayed and editable.

  • You can now filter project board by labels!

  • You can now delete a project by going into the project settings.


  • We've made some small UI fixes and performance improvements. Nothing major – just a more reliable app.

  • We've removed the Subscription screen. Head to Jira on the web to check your license and billing information.


  • You can now change an issue's type, as long as the new issue type's workflow is the same.

  • Admins of next-gen projects can now reorder columns and add column limits by selecting the column's more () icon.

  • In next-gen projects, the field order you set on the web version will now be reflected in the mobile app.

  • You can now create an issue by sharing a file in the Files app

  • We've fixed a bug where the summary field was truncated in edit mode

  • We've fixed a bug where JSD customers couldn't be found in the reporter picker search


  • You can now switch between a dark mode theme and OLED theme. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so please drop us any feedback you have!

  • You can now pinch or tap an empty space to zoom in on the board.

  • When searching for issues, you can now filter by Label.

  • You can now view all Labels for an issue by tapping on the Labels field. 

  • We've added support for the Time spent field for issue transitions.

  • When viewing a board with Epic swimlanes (aka Group by Epics), the order of the Epics will now be the same as on the web version of Jira Cloud. 

  • We've fixed a bug where decimal story point estimate values weren't displaying correctly.

  • We've fixed a bug where the Assignee field was selectable, even for users who didn't have permission to change it.


  • Big feature incoming - You can now view swimlanes on your board! This means if you select a swimlane setting (or Group by in next-gen) for your board on the web, your board will display with those swimlanes on the mobile version too (and vice-versa). This has been a long time coming, so thanks for being patient with us! 

  • When viewing an issue, URL custom fields can now be selected.

  • You can now filter board by text query


  • Big feature incoming - You can now view swimlanes on your board! This means if you select a swimlane setting (or Group by in next-gen) for your board on the web, your board will display with those swimlanes on the mobile version too (and vice-versa). This has been a long time coming, so thanks for being patient with us! All swimlane types are available, except subtasks - but we're working hard to get that added in too.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • We've made various bug fixes.

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