Manage your backlog

Backlog basics

Your backlog* is where you organise work with your team, ranking issues according to priority. If you’re working in scrum**, you’ll create and organize sprints in the backlog.

*Can’t see a backlog? Your project's backlog may not be enabled. Admins can enable a team-managed project's backlog by going to the project and selecting the project’s Settings tab > Features. (See also Enable agile features.)

**New to scrum, and want to learn more? See Agile terms and phrases in Jira.

Create an issue

  • Select + Create issue at the bottom of the backlog, or at the bottom of each sprint (if sprints are enabled).

Drag-and-drop issues to rearrange

  • Hold (long-press) an issue to drag-and-drop it between sprints, or to rearrange it amongst other issues.

Swipe left for quick-move options

  • Swipe left ← on an issue (from the right of your screen to the left) to reveal quick-move options, such as moving the issue directly to the top/bottom of the backlog or to a different sprint.

Search for issues

  • Select(filter) at the top of the backlog to search and/or apply filters. (See also Search for issues.)

Simplify your view

  • Collapse all sprints (as well as the backlog’s list of issues) via the backlog’s ‘more’ icon ••• or by long-pressing a sprint’s header.

  • Collapse lower-priority sprints individually (or the backlog’s list of issues) by tapping each sprint’s header (or the backlog’s header). Expand each section by tapping each header again.


Additional Help