Search for issues

What is an issue filter? Issue filters are JQL queries (configurable via desktop) that specify which issues are included on your board. For example, your board may display issues assigned to certain people, or reported by certain people.

Admins can create new filters via Jira Cloud for web, which are then accessible via the mobile app. See Configure quick filters for more information about advanced configuration for admins.

To search for an issue on your board or backlog, you can apply an issue filter in one of two ways:

  1. Select a project.

  2. Select Board from the project tabs.

  3. Pull your screen down to reveal filters. Push screen back up to hide filters.


  1. Select a project.

  2. Select Board or Backlog from the project tabs.

  3. Select the filter icon (inverted triangle).

To clear all active filters:

  1. Long-press the filter icon. This will reveal the option to clear board filters.

Additional Help