Agile terms and phrases in Jira

If you’re new to Jira (or new to agile methodologies), understanding these common terms will help you on your journey:

  • Scrum: Scrum is an iteration-based approach to reaching goals as a team. Work is completed in sprints. It's generally a good fit for teams developing products and releasing new versions on a regular basis. To dive deeper, check out What is scrum? or explore our scrum tutorial for Jira for web (not mobile).

  • Kanban: Kanban works best as a continuous flow of work for (as an example) service-oriented teams. This constraint-based approach helps prevent teams from being overloaded. Check out our kanban tutorial for Jira Cloud for web (not mobile).

  • Sprints: Sprints are fixed periods of time (often two weeks) during which a team completes issues. Sprints are usually planned in advance, in the backlog. (Sprints are part of scrum, an agile methodology.)


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