Add a widget to your home screen

What is a widget?

A widget provides a fast way to access information from an app without having to open the app itself; it’s like an extension of an app, running continuously on your home screen. You can select it to open the app itself.

Issue counter widget

What does it do?

Jira’s issue counter widget displays issue numbers within your chosen issue filters across your entire Jira site. Keep an eye on bottlenecks, respond fast as issues are created, and monitor overall progress.

Select one of the widget’s issue filters to be taken directly to the filter inside the app and view the issues in detail.

Issue list widget

What does it do?

Jira’s issue list widget displays the top five issues within a selected filter, including each issue’s summary, key, and status. The widget clearly shows the chosen filter’s name (in case you forget which category of issues you’re looking at), plus the total number of issues in that filter.

Select one of the issues on the widget to view the full issue detail screen inside the app, or select the filter name (at the top of the widget) to see the full list of issues within that filter inside the app.

How to edit the widget

To adjust the widget’s filters, its location, or delete the widget:

  1. Long-press the widget on your home screen.

    • Select Edit Widget:

      • To change the filters in the Issue Counter widget, tap on one of the chosen filters to view a list of other filters you can swap it with.

      • To rearrange the order in which the filters are displayed on the widget, long-press the chosen filter's reorder icon (three horizontal lines) next to the filter’s name, and then drag-and-drop.

    • Select Edit Home Screen:

      • Drag-and-drop the widget to a new location.

    • Select Remove Widget to delete the widget from your home screen.

How to get the Jira widget on iOS

Go to your home screen, and long-press an empty space. Select + at the top of your screen, then select the Jira widget.

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