What's new in Jira Cloud for macOS


  • On a board with swimlanes, go straight to a subtask’s parent issue or epic with a single click.

  • Move projects to trash rather than deleting them straight away; admins can retrieve them before they’re permanently deleted.

  • Easily see months within each quarter on your roadmap.

  • Performance improvements have been made to issue editing and issue details, as well as notifications.

  • Bugs were fixed, including one that displayed a single default swimlane in classic project templates.


  • View branch information in your issues.

  • Bugs were extricated, including one that sporadically booted people out of the app.


  • Development info within issues continues to grow: builds have arrived!

  • Filter by unassigned issues on your board and backlog.

  • Adding columns to your board is now done via the ‘more' icon within each column.

  • Searching for unnamed epics is now easier; they’re listed under ‘unnamed’.

  • Bugs were squashed, including some lurking in the issue-editing experience.


  • Commits have sidled onto the development details screen.

  • Bugs were removed: one was preventing people from editing story points, and another was crashing the app when issues were opened from links.


  • Format text faster with character shortcuts, including * (bold) and # (heading).

  • Adding smart links to issues just got easier. Try it.

  • Easily view pull requests related to your issues.

  • Quickly access your service desk’s settings via the ‘more’ icon (three dots, sometimes called ‘meatballs’).

  • Bugs were eliminated.


  • You’re a star! And now your projects can be, too. Star your favorites to locate them faster.

  • Feast your eyes on better smart link rendering in issues.

  • Further improvements have landed in the issue-editing experience, with a smarter toolbar and additional shortcuts for adding complex content (lists, quotes, and code block).


  • We added additional improvements to the issue editing experience, including smoother editing and auto-save for descriptions, and the ability to close issues via ‘escape’. The whole thing is snazzy. (Snazzy is fun to say.)

  • Bugs were removed. Nothing but happiness here.


  • Filtering just hugged flagging: now, when you’re filtering your board by flagged issues and you create a new issue, it’ll be automatically flagged, too.


  • We’re rolling out a new editing experience, making it easier to edit comments and descriptions, make text selections, edit in Dark Mode, and attach files within comments. (Spot a rogue bug? Let us know: Go to your account > Send feedback. You’re awesome.)


  • Switch between Jira sites with ease: go to your account and hit Switch site.

  • Searching for issue fields (such as assignee and reporter) has become easier, with better search suggestions and refined results.

  • Bugs were lured from the UI with a scattering of sugar-coated branches and candy-flavored commits.


  • Development info has landed in issues. Quickly see a summary of related commits, pull requests, branches, builds, reviews, and deployments. So much juicy info right there.

  • Create major incidents from within your service desk issues.

  • We’ve sharpened your board’s issue-create function. (It's when you create an issue directly on the board without opening the issue detail window.) Now, if you’re filtering the board by assignee, epic, and/or label, your new issue will automatically inherit those labels and be instantly visible on the board.

  • Check out the little progress bar for child issues we’ve added to the issue detail window. It gives you a quick visual of how you’re tracking with complete (or incomplete) child issues.

  • Edit, copy, and delete issue comments by hitting the ‘more’ icon (three dots, sometimes affectionately called ‘meatballs’) next to the issue’s comment.

  • Bugs were banished: one prevented people from assigning issues even when they had the correct permissions, and one bombarded people with timeout information if their Mac went to sleep.


  • Say hello to the Cumulative flow diagram! This report shows the quantity of issues moving across statuses over time, helping you identify bottlenecks in your team's workflow.

  • Create versions via the Releases tab.

  • Adding and editing comments just got easier, with faster @mentions, smoother arrow-key navigation, and a slicker overall performance.

  • Two bugs were playing havoc behind the scenes: one with Korean text-entry, the other with backlogs failing to load if issues weren’t labelled. We sent them both packing.


  • Link and unlink OpsGenie incidents from within your issues.

  • Discover change management fields within your service desk issues.

  • We added other small UI improvements, too.


  • Ready to set sail? Releases have arrived! View and edit your versions.

  • Filter issues in your backlog by epic and label.

  • Select the sprint for your burndown chart, and switch between story point and issue count values.

  • Versions have split their view. (Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.)

  • Bugs have been bamboozled: one was preventing keyboard shortcuts from doing their job in releases and reports, one kept bringing the entire app to an unexpected halt, and another was shining a blinding light onto the assignee picker while in dark mode.

  • Pssst... Are you on the latest version of macOS Catalina (10.15.4)? You’ll find that the Jira app’s editing experience has improved significantly.


  • Drumroll… Reports have arrived! Analyze your team’s performance with burndown charts and velocity reports.

  • Filter issues by type in your backlog.

  • Discover a new field within your service desk issues: Affected services. (It's tucked within the view and create screens.)

  • Performance improvements were added with the gentlest of care, and bugs were blasted from the UI with unapologetic gusto.


  • Add goals to sprints after they’ve started. Boom.

  • Enter time more easily when logging work.

  • We added bling to your backlog: See all those little faces peering at you? Assignee avatars are visible on issues. And there’s an assignee filter for issue search.

  • We added less flashy bling behind the scenes, too, in the form or performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • Switching between Atlassian products (and discovering others) is easier than ever via your account.

  • Add a sprint goal when you start your next sprint.

  • Quickly identify which epic an issue belongs to within your next-gen project’s backlog.

  • A couple of bugs made themselves known: one was stopping projects from appearing as ‘recently viewed’, and another was causing trouble for board filters.


  • Several bugs have been sent straight to the slammer: Project tabs were appearing disabled upon launching the app, people weren’t being taken to the board after starting a sprint, filters in the backlog vanished if you ventured elsewhere, and language switching wasn’t extending to the sidebar, tabs, and board filters.


  • In the interest of sending some bugs sky-high, we ordered dynamite. We received diatomite instead. The bugs still expired; it just wasn’t very spectacular.


  • Font size matters. Go on, try a different one. (We made font size improvements.)

  • Service desk agents, rejoice! Approvals can now be processed in-app.

  • We removed bucketloads of bugs: one was blocking issue-type changes upon issue-create, and another was crashing the app on logout.


  • Goals are good (otherwise we drift, amiright?) so we made sprint goals visible in the backlog.

  • We added organizations to service desk issues.

  • One belligerent bug is currently running rampant in the editing experience. Rest assured we’re on the hunt. We’ve got butterfly nets and everything.


  • Blurriness was a common frustration for many people. Good news — we’ve managed to bring the text into much tighter focus.

  • Scroll horizontally across boards like a champion with the new horizontal scroll bar.

  • You’ll be tempted to create a multitude of projects from the main projects screen now. We’ve added a glorious Create project button. Seriously, try to resist. It’s calling you.

  • Copying links to issues just got easier – simply click the new 'copy issue link' symbol beside the issue’s key.


  • Active sprints are now visible in the backlog.

  • Sometimes, size matters. Change your font size (Account > Settings > Font size) and/or adjust the size of your side panel (click and drag).

  • Roadmaps were feeling nostalgic, displaying previously-selected issue details in the side panel rather than current ones. We fixed that.

  • Other bugs were evicted: Logging out via File in the menu bar wasn’t working, and attaching PDF files to issue comments was broken.


  • One wily bug kept making the Mac app crash upon editing an issue’s description on Catalina v15.10.1. He’s gone now.

  • Other small bugs were coaxed from the UI’s cogs and pulleys, too.


  • Grab a towel! Swimlanes have arrived.

  • Bugs have been fixed, including Dark Mode readability issues.

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