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Manage your backlog

Backlog basics

Your backlog* is where you organise work with your team, ranking issues according to priority. If you’re working in scrum**, you’ll create and organize sprints in the backlog.

*Can’t see a backlog? Your project's backlog may not be enabled. Admins can enable the project's backlog by going to the project > Settings > Features. (See also Enable agile features.)

**New to scrum, and want to learn more? See Agile terms and phrases in Jira

Create an issue

To add an issue to the backlog:

  • Select + at the top of the side menu


  • Select + Create issue at the bottom of a sprint (below any existing issues within the sprint), to add the issue directly to an individual sprint (if sprints are enabled*)

*Can’t see sprints? Your admin may not have enabled sprints within the project. See Enable agile features.

Drag-and-drop issues to rearrange

Select and hold an issue to drag-and-drop it between sprints, or to rearrange it amongst other issues according to priority.

Search for issues

Type directly into the search bar at the top of the backlog. Select from the dropdown menus to apply filters to the backlog, to reduce the amount of issues being displayed.

Simplify your view

Collapse all sprints (as well as the backlog’s list of issues) by selecting each sprint’s header (or selecting > beside each sprint’s header). This will help to reduce the ‘noise’ in your backlog, thereby maximizing your focus.

Additional Help