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Search for issues

What are issue filters?

Applying an issue filter (or multiple filters) reduces the amount of issues that may be displayed, enabling you to locate work faster.

Filtering options in the macOS app include issue type, reporter, assignee, sprint, epic, and label.

Issue filters are JQL queries (configurable via Jira Cloud for web) that specify which issues are included on your board or backlog. For example, you may wish to display issues assigned to certain people, or reported by certain people.

Admins can create new filters via Jira Cloud for web, which are then accessible via the mobile app. See Configure quick filters for more information about advanced configuration for admins.

How to search for issues

To search for issues, you can apply issue filters in several ways:

  1. Select Search issues at the top of the app.

  2. Type directly into the search bar, or select filters from the dropdown options. You can search across multiple projects at once.


  1. Select Filters in the side menu.

  2. Select a filter to automatically search for issues matching that filter.

Or, to search within a backlog or a particular board:

  1. Select a project.

  2. Navigate to the project’s board or backlog.

  3. Type directly into the backlog’s (or board’s) search bar, and/or apply filters from the dropdown options next to the search bar.


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