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Plan work with a roadmap

What is a roadmap?

A roadmap is where you can create, manage, and visualize your team's epics. Roadmaps enable you to plan large pieces of work in advance.

What is an epic?
An epic is a group of tasks that relate to one large body of work. Epics are usually completed over a long timeframe (or across sprints).

Can’t see your roadmap?
The project's roadmap may not be enabled. Admins can enable the project's roadmap by going to the project > Settings > Features.

Manage your roadmap

To manage your roadmap, such as creating epics, and adjusting the mode (displaying in weeks, months, or quarters):

  1. Select a project.

  2. Select Roadmap from the project tabs*.

  3. Select:

    • + Create epic to add an epic to the roadmap

    • Today to scroll to the current date

    • Mode to choose how the roadmap is displayed (weeks, months, or quarters)

*Can’t see Roadmap in your project tabs? Roadmaps may not be enabled. See Enable agile features.

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