Support for app versions and operating systems

Support lifecycle for the Jira mobile app

As we ship new features, and continue to keep customer data safe, the Jira app’s requirements evolve. And in order for us to deliver an excellent experience for all customers, the minimum support for older app versions and operating systems must change, too.

App versions

Once your Jira app version is older than 90 days, you’ll receive prompts to update. However, you can continue using the app without updating, if you wish.

Once your Jira app version is older than 180 days, an update is required to continue using the app.

We ship new versions of Jira approximately every 2 weeks. Every version is described in our release notes.

Uploading media files

Some outdated versions of the app don’t support uploading files to issues. If you’re experiencing problems, update your app to the latest version.

How to update the Jira app

Updates can be done in Google Play. Search for Jira Cloud by Atlassian, and select Update.

Operating systems

The Jira app can support Android OS 10 and above.

How to update your device’s operating system

Go to Settings > Software Update.

Web browsers

Read about supported web browsers for Atlassian Cloud products.

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