Manage your notifications

Push notifications

There are two ways to manage your push notifications:


    1. Go to Notifications via the bottom navigation bar.

    2. Select(more).

    3. Select Manage push notifications.



    1. Go to Home, Issues, Dashboards, or Notifications via the bottom navigation bar.

    2. Select your account avatar.

    3. Select Push notifications.

Do not disturb includes two features:

  • Snooze notifications
    This feature allows you to temporarily pause push notifications, starting from 20 minutes, right up to one week. This feature can also be accessed by selecting Notifications on the bottom navigation bar, and then selecting(more).

    • Snooze can also be accessed via: Notifications >(more) > Snooze notifications.

  • Schedule notifications
    This feature allows you to set your working hours (the days and times during which you’re happy to receive push notifications). You will not receive push notifications outside of these times.

Channels: This takes you to your device’s system settings, where you can enable/disable push notifications for individual Jira sites that you’re a member of.

Default: View and edit the default issue categories for which you want to be notified:

  • Assigned (issues assigned to you)

  • Reported (issues reported by you)

  • Watching (issues you are watching)

  • All mentions (any issue on which you are @mentioned)

In-app notifications

Select Notifications in the bottom navigation bar. There are several viewing and managing options:

  • Select a notification to open it.

  • Swipe right → on a notification to clear it.

  • Mark all as read/unread
    Select(more) near the top of the screen for options to mark all notifications as read or clear all notifications.

  • Snooze notifications
    Select(more) and select snooze notifications; choose from 20 minutes right up to one week, during which time you won’t receive push notifications.

  • Unread/Direct only
    Select(filter) near the top of the screen for in-app notification filtering options:

    • Unread: Only unread notifications will be displayed on the in-app notification screen. After each one has been read, it will disappear.

    • Direct: The in-app notification screen will only display notifications about issues that you’re assigned to, or mentioned on.


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