Search for issues

There are two ways to search for issues:

(1) Search for issues across your entire Jira instance

  1. Select Issues in the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Choose from the available filters; many are specific to you, such as your starred filters, filters you’ve used recently, and filters to show issues reported by you or assigned to you.
    Start typing in the search box to reveal quick filters, such as project, type, assignee, or reporter.

(2) Search for issues on your board or backlog

  1. Select a project.

  2. Select Board or Backlog from the project tabs.

  3. Select the filter icon (inverted triangle).

  4. Type in the search box, or select quick filters from the dropdown options.

Clear all filters

  1. Select the filter icon (inverted triangle).

  2. Select Clear filters next to the quick filter dropdown options.

Additional Help